Love. Understanding. Community. That’s what Beth Bender Beauty represents.  It’s a trusted source with the belief that products can actually be good, makeup can be fun, business can be personal, and companies large and small can behave more like communities. It’s an optimistic outlook shared by women everywhere who believe that while makeup can’t change the world, it can change people.  And people who are inspired can make all the difference.


We encourage women to be eye inspiring and to take a leap and try something unique, and unlike anything they have ever tried before. We got people talking by creating eye makeup and eyeliner stencils that can line the eyes with ease, create popular eye makeup looks, and solve the problem of a shaky hand.  We become friends with our customers, forging deep, personal connections, simply by listening and sharing stories.


The Beth Bender Beauty community is less about makeup and more about what really matters. You.


About Beth

NYC, New York - A revolutionary new beauty tool is invented. Beth Bender Beauty's Eyeliner and Eye Makeup Stencil Kit makes a difficult beauty task simple. 

During her six-year tenure as one of Bobbi Brown’s lead makeup artists, Beth Bender was responsible for making women of all ages and skin types look and feel beautiful. It was during this period, after watching so many clients struggle to draw the perfect line on their eyes, that Beth was inspired to design and create the world’s first ever Eyeliner and Eye Makeup Stencil.  The Beth Bender Beauty Eyeliner and Eye Makeup Stencils create both a perfect smoky eye, as well as the famous, and signature cat eye look as seen on the runway, and on celebrities like pop star Adele, Angelina Jolie, and Super Model Kate Moss. 

Creative by nature, Beth’s exploration of makeup as an art form is not surprising. Growing up in the film and TV industry, she was fascinated by the dramatic transformations that the simple application of makeup could create. After a short stay in Los Angeles, to freelance on film and television, Beth returned to NYC to pave her way into the world of beauty. 

There, she worked on numerous fashion shows, editorial shoots, makeup panels, and a national pop music tour. Regular bookings as a make up artist gave her the financial freedom to focus on the creation of her revolutionary beauty tool. In 2011 she partnered with her son Paolo Marchica to expand the Beth Bender Beauty product line and make the products readily available to customers worldwide. Paolo's expertise in marketing, business strategy and multimedia has put Beth Bender Beauty in the forefront for creating unique and necessary beauty tools to give women the confidence they need when it comes to makeup and beauty.

All Beth Bender Beauty products are designed to address the needs of women everywhere, who want to look and feel fabulous, by enhancing their own natural beauty. When she is not traveling, spending time with her family, or working on set, Beth is at work developing new products, colors, and ideas.