Beth Bender Beauty. More than makeup...

This story begins with me, Beth, a girl raised around the TV and film industries who fell in love with makeup and its ability to transform ordinary to extraordinary. I went on to have an exciting career as a professional makeup artist in New York where I worked on fashion shows, celebrities, models, musicians, editorial shoots, makeup panels and a national pop music tour. Through these experiences, I saw first hand how many women wanted to experiment with makeup but the beauty industry wasn’t making tools that really made it easy to play and get pro makeup looks.

From this insight, I created the first ever eyeliner and eye makeup stencils to eliminate trial and error and make it absolutely effortless to get a perfect cat eye, wings or smokey eye regardless of eye size or shape. These became an instant hit with pros, beauty insiders and a must have for any makeup lover.

However, one runaway success wasn’t enough. My family has been my love, my inspiration, my motivation and has helped me from the beginning. Especially my husband Jim, a video director, artist, and photographer and my son Paolo who learned about the industry, product development and artistry by playing (and sometimes working) at my side as a child. Today, Paolo and I work hand in hand, building the Beth Bender Beauty brand together. We share the same love for self expression and for creating unique beauty products so every woman can express her individual beauty, effortlessly.

Each product is carefully designed with good for you ingredients, cruelty free and made exclusively in the U.S.A. Beth Bender Beauty is our family’s passion and joy. In every product is the belief that through self expression, we each realize our true beauty. So go ahead, try something bold, play with a new texture, a new color or finish and don’t be afraid to transform yourself. But always remember that behind every beautiful woman is herself.