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glamorous cat eyeliner deluxe set

Glamorous Cat Eyeliner Deluxe Set ($91 Value)

$ 36.00

Achieve the perfect cat eye makeup and winged eyeliner effects with our Glamorous Cat Eyeliner Stencil Deluxe Set. Create popular and trending eye makeup looks like a pro with everything you need included. ($91 Value)

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Product Description

What it is:

One of our biggest selling sets featuring the most sought after eye makeup looks ever, the Cat-Eye. For anyone who loves the look of perfect winged liner or a sexy cat eye makeup effect. Line, define, go thick, thin, graphic, or classic for the ultimate cat eye makeup look. 

What else you need to know:

Our Glamorous Cat Eyeliner Deluxe Set lets you wing it out with precise and perfect results any goddess would be proud of and achieving these timeless and trending eye makeup looks has never been easier. Our Cat Eye Makeup Stencil is a unique beauty tool created to fit any eye size and shape. It’s flexible material easily conforms to the area around the eyelid making the application process a breeze. Create your cat eyeliner or winged liner using the eyeshadow brush and custom blended shadow included. Once you’ve created your liner look, you can trace over the shadow with your gel liner using your dome shaped eyeliner brush. This will set your liner and keep it from smudging throughout the day and evening. 

Get the Look:

Create a classic cat eyeliner look: place your cat eye makeup stencil shape over the eye. Hold in place and fill in with your color. To create a more graphic, trendy liner effect, place your cat eye makeup stencil about 1/8″ away from your lashline. Hold tightly in place and fill in with color. To achieve a winged liner effect, point the cat eyeliner tip up at a slight angle before filling in with your color. Want an even thicker eyeliner look? Place your cat eye makeup stencil 1/4″ above the lashline and point the tip up before filling in with your color. 

Pro Tip: Make sure to wipe your cat eye makeup stencil clean in between eyes. For the best results when applying your eye color into the cat-eye shape, press your shadow to ensure that the color is evenly distributed.

The Glamorous Cat Eye Liner Stencil Deluxe includes: 

-1 Cat Eye Makeup Stencil (with top eyeliner)

-1 Smokey Eye Stencil (with bottom liner)

-1 Custom Blended Loose Eyeshadow

-1 Long Wearing Gel Eyeliner

-1 Double Ended Brush with Eye Shadow and Smudge Applicator

-1 Dome Shaped Eyeliner Brush

-1 Step by step instruction card

-1 Leopard Print Drawstring Travel Bag


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