Three Easy Ways To Apply Eye Makeup

With all of the tools, tips, tutorials and cosmetic products available, how to apply eyeliner, how to put on eyeshadow, and just the basics of how to put on makeup have become that much easier even those who are just beginning. There are a few basic ways and techniques on how to apply eye makeup and along with that comes different types of eye makeup products that you can use, depending on whether you are just starting out wearing makeup or not.

The Following eye makeup examples below are just a few of the many styles that are easy to create even if you’re new to wearing eye makeup. Each look offers simple techniques and tips on different ways of applying your eyeshadow with makeup artist worthy results.

Fan shaped. The purpose of applying eyeshadow in the shape of a fan is to create the illusion of a more rounded eye. This eyeshadow application look is perfect for those who wish to make their eyes look bigger. To achieve the fan shaped look you will need at least two or three different colored shadows (three is even better). Your lightest and darkest colors should both be a matte formula, while your contour/medium color can be an iridescent or metallic.

You are going to want to start with your lightest color shade first, and apply this shade across your entire lid, extending above your crease and all the way to your inner crease. Apply the same light color along your lower lashline as well. Next, we will be working with your darkest color. Apply your darkest color along the outer half of your lid, going above your crease (same as lightest color) and extending outwards. Instead of creating a defined point like a cat eye makeup, you’ll round out the end in the shape of an oval and bring the color down to meet the outer corner of your lower lashline, extending the darkest color halfway across your lower lashline.

Lastly, take your iridescent/metallic color and apply it directly to the middle/crease of your eyelid. Remember to blend the colors together to create a nice gradient. Then, add some of the shimmer color in the middle of your lower lashline as well and blend out any harsh lines there.

Smokey Eye. For the smokey eye, the effect you are going for is a subtle increase of the lightness of the eyeshadow to create a soft gradient and give your eyeshadow a look of “smoke.” You can create this look with most colors but for a classic smokey eye look using shades of black and creating a gradient by going from darker to lighter grays is a good place to start before moving into vibrant colors. If a black shadow is too dark for your complexion or your liking, then use a brown hue instead and follow the same steps when applying your color.

This look is extremely popular because of how it softens a person’s features while also keeping the look very sultry and sexy. To achieve this look, select three to four shadows that are close in color, but each a shade lighter. You’ll also want a highlighter, to accentuate the brow bone as well. Start by applying the darkest color across your eyelid using a medium size eyeshadow brush. If you desire more color you can add another layer or two.