Top 3 Eye Makeup Trends for Fall

Have you ever watched any runway shows, or glimpsed through the pages of Allure, or Marie Claire and thought, “wow, I love that eye makeup look, but there’s no way I’d ever be able to pull that off?” Well, think again beauties cause they’re a lot easier than they look. We’ve taken three of the top eye makeup looks from the runway and editorial and updated them into everyday makeup looks you can easily do at home. No stress included.

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1. Bold Liner and Metallics. The runway brought usMetallics in bright colors like turquoise and silver, and dramatic colors in bronze and gunmetal. All making bold eye makeup statements with dramatic smokey eyes and eyeliner that will make its way into fall. Many shows featured models wearing eyeliner in metallic aqua, magenta, and royal blue that made the eyes absolutely pop. Some key artists took this eyeliner look and extended it out past the eyes. Others went a step further for the real drama and took the liner past the inner corner of eyes and out past the ends of the eye at the other side as well.

To recreate this look at home easily and for everyday wear, start first by extending your liner color of choice out past the outside of your eye. Resist the urge to turn it into a classic cat eye, and just extend it out and leave it. If you’re up for the full effect continue the liner on the inner corner as well and see how you like it and if it’s something you might incorporate into your everyday eyeliner look. This look seen here can be done in other colors if the green is too bold but it does look gorgeous wouldn't you say? Metallics were also seen as eyeshadow choices on the runways as well. Silver metallic shades were strong and reminiscent of the early 2000’s a la Britney Spears in “Oops, I did it again”.

A great tip for applying metallics to the eyes is to start first by using your finger (index or middle work best) and patting the color onto the lid. The more you add, the more intense your color will look. Something about the natural oil from your finger tips and lids when combined together that makes for a much more striking effect. You can finish blending your eyes with a brush once you have the desired intensity and style. 

2. Bronze. This season was all about getting that golden, bronzed glow that so many celebrities can often be seen wearing either on the red carpet or out and about. It’s a gorgeous look that when done correctly can enhance the cheekbones, bring out your eyes, and give your face an all over radiant glow. The runways showed models wearing a bronze metallic eyeshadow with gold hues smudged across the top and bottom of the lids and lashline. On the top, the shadow was smudged out to cover almost the whole lid and the bottom was also smoked out as well. Adding liner was not done too often for this look, but when it was, the look was subtle and the liner was applied tightly along the lid.


Bronze Eye Makeup


The idea behind the no liner look was to give the eyes a fresh look and allow the colors to pop while at the same time looking sultry. You can, however, add a touch of gold to the inner part of your lashline to give this bronzed look the extra pop it needs and if that isn't enough then a generous coat of your richest black mascara should do the trick. This look is easily done at home in two steps or less. Try a cream shadow or smudge pot like Soak Up The Sun and instead of bringing the color all the way up to your brow bone, start first by smudging it into the lashlines using your fingers to give it a more natural effect. If you want more color you can apply to the entire eyelid stopping just below the crease or slightly above. To create a bold eyeliner look use a synthetic (taklon) eyeliner brush and line along the lashline from corner to corner.

If you apply to the eyelid for a smokey eye style use a concealer brush to soften any hard lines. If your lids tend to get shiny you can set them with a metallic eyeshadow in the same hue or a translucent powder. Another great makeup tip which a lot of artists do is to use your bronzer for the eyes. Apply to the crease using a small shadow brush or blender brush. This step is especially a good one when doing a bronzed/highlighted makeup look.


Eye Makeup Trends


3. Lashes. This season has been all about big, bold lashes. The 60’s are back with the highly separated and lengthened lash look. Get this look by using individual lashes so you have more control when it comes to where they go. Another benefit to working with lash clusters is they slip easily into your natural lashes for a smoother application. You can add them to the top or bottom, or both to get this mod look. We recommend not using a full set of lashes if you’re going for this eye makeup look, as with those, you will have very little say as to where they go and how they look. When putting on individual lashes or lash clusters, make sure they have enough room in between to get that separated look that you’re going for.

Ardell or Andrea depending on where you are located have the best individual lash clusters for a decent price. Look for the knot-free lash clusters if you can find them. Another option if you’re really feeling the big, bold lash look is to try eyelash extensions. Although they can be a little pricey, they really can be worth it! Individual single lashes are applied to your eyes and last for months. You don’t even need mascara. Eyelash extensions are also great for girls with short lashes who love having long, full lashes every day. For more tips on how to apply your lashes check out 5 easy Steps for Applying Lash Clusters Like a Pro.

So there you have it beauties. 3 makeup looks straight from the runway and simple enough to recreate on yourself. With just a little creativity you can turn something high-fashion into an everyday wear and by making a slight modification all of these looks can be worn for day or night. Will you give them a shot or not? We hope you will :-)


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