5 Hot Eye Makeup Trends

How you wear your eye makeup can tell a lot about a person. For many enhancing the eyes is the one feature that tends to get the most attention. And why not when just a simple line in a bold color across the eyelid, curling your lashes and applying your darkest black mascara, or adding a few lash clusters can completely transform your makeup look. The question from there becomes the type of eye makeup or style you are wishing to create. Do you follow the trend and go for the bold, bright colors? Perhaps a little more outgoing than you want or do you keep it simple with just neutrals and nudes and go for a more natural look.

Fall beauty 2014 promises to bring lots of different styles and more color too but regardless of which beauty road you take and whether you love to be bold and bright with your eye makeup or prefer to stick to the basics, the following 5 makeup trends are all looks that have made their way to the red carpet, fashion week, editorial, celebrity sightings, and in real life, girls night out, date night, work and even running errands. They’re as popular as ever and can be easily modified to work for any season.

5 hot eye makeup trends


1. The Cat Eye. This trendy eye makeup look has been around since the time of Cleopatra but became enormously famous thanks to femme fatales like Brigitte Bardot, Rita Hayworth, Starlet Edie Sedgwick of Andy Warhol fame, and classic beauty Audrey Hepburn. Former Hill’s star, Lauren Conrad’s cat eyeliner may have been even more popular than her for an LA minute and some even obsessed on knowing exactly how she created it. There are a number of ways to get it and one of them will be right for you. As we’ve mentioned in previous articles, our pro tip to begin with a pencil liner first if you’re doing a cat-eye really does save a lot of time and makes for a more precise eyeliner look.

You can perfect your liner before you even begin to apply your liquid or gel and once it’s to your liking then go over it for the darker and bolder look. With your pencil liner extend your liner outwards to where it would have naturally gone if you were to make a line from the corner of your bottom lashline upwards. Flick it upwards at the end and then connect it back down to where you started. Fill in any gaps you may have left in the process and then go over with a more pigmented formula such as a liquid or gel. If you’re going for a more dramatic cat-eye, less of the liner for the bottom lashline. Keep the focus on the top liner and go for a kohl liner or an eyeshadow in the same hue instead. You can smudge the kohl liner with a Q-tip to soften or leave as is. This is entirely up to you.

2. Non-black eyeliner. We’re so used to picking up the black or brown eyeliners that we forget about all of the other gorgeous colors that are available. Like bronze, blue, green, teal, plum, violet, eggplant, and purple. Need we say more? Right now while the weather is still warm be brave and go for a colored liner. You can skip the eyeshadow if you prefer and go for the teal, violet or bronze applied just across the lid along the lashline to start. If you’re a girl who loves her liner you can go a little thicker on the top lashline and very carefully using a dark pencil in a black or dark brown run it tightly along the lashline to enhance the color and create a thicker lash bed. Another little trick is to take the same bright pencil liner and apply it to your waterline (the inside of your bottom lashline). It is really effective for making the eyes pop especially in the lighter shades like teal, turquoise, violet, and lavender.

60's retro false lashes


3. 60’s Retro lashes.  This look has been popular on runways for all of 2014. The wide-eyed Twiggy look from the 60’s has resurged by way of false lashes. For this look, you have two options. The first is to go for the classic lash strip applied to your top lashes. You can add a few lash clusters or individual lashes to the bottom lashes to really go retro but it’s up to you. To get the same 60’s appeal, you need the lashes to be widely spaced and long.

The second option is to apply lash clusters. We find this to be a little easier than the strips especially for those who haven’t done lashes before. Use individual lashes to obtain this look and apply each piece with enough space in between each one to get the spaced-out, doe-eyed look. Adding them to the bottom lashes is definitely a commitment to the look but isn’t necessary. Wearing just the top lashes will be as beautiful. To make sure your false lashes blend naturally, add a coat of liner on the top and bottom lashline (only if you add to the bottom lashes) otherwise you can skip. Apply a coat of mascara over both your natural and false lashes to bring the look together.

how to apply metallic eye color


4. Metallics. Also known as iridescentor shimmersto some is a quick and easy way to enhance the eyes just by adding a wash of color across the lids. Many colors are offered in different formulas such as creams and gels so the looks you can create are numerous. You can play up your eyes with a bold metallic liner, or go even more dramatic with a gradient smokey eye look using a few shades like gunmetal, plum, and teal. Using metallics on the eyes works for either eyeliner or eyeshadow. Adding a pop of metallic shadow to the center of your eyelid is an instant upgrade and can take your eye makeup from barely there to sultry and smoldering.

5. Hues of Blues. Yet another throwback, this time from the 80’s, blue eyeshadow is back. Done tastefully, this can make brown eyes look that much more beautiful. Try a teal or aquamarine colored shadow and soften any harsh lines with a fluffy blender brush. Another aqua color shadow to try is a pastel blue. When applied over a bronze shadow directly to the center of the eyelid it can make quite the eye makeup statement. Even better, a pretty shade of purple can be just enough color to make a statement for a night out and if you need a little contour why not add some gunmetal or a rich brown shadow in the crease for even more eye appeal and payoff.

So what do you think beauties? Are any of these looks up your beauty alley and if so which one speaks to you the most? Will you go for the lashes, or stick with your cat eye makeup, or is the teal eyeliner that’s been sitting in your makeup bag finally going to make an appearance? We can’t wait!

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