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Girls’ Night Out Eye Makeup & Eyeliner Stencil Set

$ 39.00

Your favorite smokey eye and cat eye makeup looks are just seconds way with our Girls’ Night Out Eye Makeup Stencil Set. Achieve the latest and hottest trends in eye makeup with our original smokey eye and cat eyeliner stencils. 



Each Girls Night Out Set includes:

-1 Pro Eyeshadow Brush

-1 Duo Eyeshadow in Onyx & Platinum

-1 Cat Eyeliner Stencil & Top Eyeliner Stencil

-1 Smokey Eye Stencil & Bottom Eyeliner Stencil

-1 Step by step Instruction card

-1 Fabulous black neoprene zippered pouch to pop in your bag and take with you!

What it is: 

A duo shadow including two highly pigmented, long lasting shadows for creating smoldering eye makeup effects. Creating a dramatic eye makeup look isn’t just for professionals. Our Girls Night Out Eye Makeup Stencil Set makes it easier than ever and comes with all of the tools needed. Our unique eyeliner and eye makeup stencils allow you to get the perfect smokey eye and eyeliner. Also included is a duo shadow in Onyx and Platinum, a pro medium shadow brush for a flawless finish, and a foolproof, step-by-step guide for creating all of your favorite eye makeup looks effortlessly.

What it does: 

Easily replicate a classic smokey eye or cat eyeliner look. Both shadows are a velvety smooth formula that’s easy to blend, and allows you to build your color depending on the effect you’re creating. Whether you go for a smoldering, smokey eye look or a popular winged liner,  you’ll create them with confidence.

What else you need to know:

Our smokey eye and cat eye makeup stencils were designed to fit any eye shape and eye size. The soft, thin material is flexible and easily conforms to the area around the eyes with ease. Each stencil includes a black guideline to follow for an easy application. Our duo eyeshadow included in the Girls Night Out Set can be worn either wet or dry. 

Expert Tips & Techniques:

When doing any kind of eye makeup look such as a smokey eye, we recommend beginning with the eyes first since fallout is common and will save you time with clean up. Create the perfect smokey eye shape using your smokey eye stencil by placing it over the eye with the curve resting in the crease of your eye shape. Hold in place and fill in the smokey eye shape with your eye color. 

For a darker lid, repeat the same steps above before removing your smokey eye stencil. Using your eyeshadow brush, soften any harsh lines. With the same brush, or a blender brush if you prefer apply the Onyx shadow in the outer crease about ¾ of the way out from the inner crease. Lastly, using an eyeliner brush add definition by lining the top and bottom lashline using the Onyx. Smudge gently for a sexy, smokey look.

For an evening smokey eye look, switch up the colors and fill in your eyelids with the Onyx shadow. Build the color in layers until you have the perfect intensity. Another option is to blend both colors together before apply to the eyelids. Finish by adding your contour color of choice to the crease and sweeping along the bottom lashes to finish your look.  To accentuate your smokey eyes choose colors for the rest of your face that are natural tones and don’t compete with your eyes. 

For a cat eye makeup look, place your cat eye makeup stencil comfortably over your closed eye. Placing your cat eye stencil closer to the lashline will give you a thinner line, while placing it slightly higher will result in a thicker and more dramatic liner. Use your index and middle fingers to hold your cat-eye stencil in place and fill in with your shadow or color. Press your brush along the inside of the cat-eye shape and up into the point. Wipe your stencil clean and repeat the same steps on the opposite eye. For a winged liner effect place the point of the cat-eye stencil up at a slight angle and out. Apply your color with a slightly dampened brush for a more precise liner.


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