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New! Two’s A Party Duo Stencil Set and Brushes

$ 27.99

New! Our Two’s A Party Duo Eyeliner Stencil Set includes 2 sets of eyeliner and eye makeup stencils so you’re never without. Plus 2 professional medium sized Beth Bender Beauty eyeshadow brushes and our Beth Bender Beauty signature water-resistant neoprene zippered pouches.



Our Eyeliner Stencil A la Carte Set just got a little sweeter beauties. Introducing our new Two’s A Party Duo Stencil Set that gives you double the Eyeliner Stencil Sets, two Pro Medium Eyeshadow Brushes, and two of our signature water-resistant neoprene pouches so you can share a set with your bff, sister, or save as an extra set so you’re never without.

Included In This Set: 

– Two Cat Eyeliner/Winged Liner Stencils (for top liner, cat eyeliner, winged liner)

– Two Smokey Eye Makeup Stencils (for eyelids, creases, contouring, highlighting, and lining under eyes)

– Two Beth Bender Beauty Zippered Pouches in Black

– Two Pro Medium Eyeshadow Brushes

– Two Step by Step Instruction Cards 

What our eye makeup and eyeliner stencils do:

– Allow you to create perfect eyeliner such as winged, cat eyeliner, or a subtle liner along the lashline in seconds

– Can be used with most eye makeup formula’s including powder eyeshadow, creams, liquids, and gels

– Create popular smokey eye makeup looks and classic cat eye makeup looks without the help of a makeup artist

– Simple to use, reusable, easy to clean, fits any eye shape

The scoop on our eyeliner & eye makeup stencils:

Our original eye makeup & eyeliner stencils can be used for creating endless eye makeup looks, like a simple liner along the eyelid, a classic cat-eye or sultry smokey eye, and a graphic winged liner look all in just seconds. A unique eye makeup tool that allows you to achieve endless eye makeup and eyeliner styles without the help of a professional makeup artist. 

What else you need to know:

Our eyeliner and eyeshadow makeup stencils were created with you in mind. Designed to fit any eye shape or eye size, and made from a material that is soft, flexible and easily conforms to the eye. They can be used with most eye makeup formulas for achieving popular eye makeup looks you desire. 

Beth Bender Beauty pro tips for creating your eyes:

For a winged liner or classic cat eyeliner style, take your cat eye makeup stencil and place it firmly over your eyelid. Make sure it fits comfortably over the eye before applying your color. Using your your index and middle finger, hold in place and fill in your cat-eye shape with your shadow beginning at the inner corner and working the color out to the cat-eye point For a thicker, more dramatic winged liner look you’ll need to place your cat eye stencil shape above the lashline.

If you’re not sure of where to apply your eye color for creating a style you can use the black guidelines that follow each shape. If you want to intensify your eyeliner look, dampen the brush before dipping into your shadow with an eyeliner sealant or a drop of water. Make sure to wipe your eyeliner stencil clean with a soft tissue or a baby wipe before moving to the other eye. Repeat the same steps.

*For the best results when using our eyeliner and eye makeup stencils we recommend using an eyeshadow first to create the desired shape and style and then setting with your liquid or gel liner.


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