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Cat Eye Makeup & Smokey Eye Makeup Stencils a la Carte

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Finally an eye makeup tool to create perfect cat eye makeup, top and bottom liner and sultry smokey eyes in seconds! Now with our Cat Eye Makeup & Smokey Eye Makeup Stencils a la Carte you can do these looks effortlessly and perfectly every time with professional results. Our Eye Makeup Stencils are flexible and made to fit any eye shape and eye size.



Makeup Artist Sinead Cady was one of the first vlogger’s on YouTube to feature our Cat Eye Makeup & Smokey Eye Makeup Stencils.

 What’s included:

– One Cat Eye Makeup Stencil (Can be used to create top liner and winged eyeliner)

– One Smokey Eye Makeup Stencil (Can be used to create bottom liner)

– Step by Step Instruction Card

What our eye makeup stencils do:

– Create perfect cat eye makeup and winged eyeliner in seconds

– Use with any eyeshadow, gel liner, cream, and liquid

– Create sultry smokey eyes anywhere in no time

– Create top/bottom liner with ease

About our Cat Eye Makeup & Smokey Eye Makeup Stencils:

Applying popular eye makeup looks has never been easier with Beth Bender Beauty’s Cat Eye Makeup & Smokey Eye Makeup Stencils a la Carte Set. Have you always wanted to create the perfect cat eye makeup look or winged eyeliner and wondered how to achieve a pair of sultry smokey eyes that stand out but have never been able to get it just right? Well now you can and with professional looking results. Never before has there been an eye makeup tool that allows you to create numerous eye looks without the help of a makeup artist on hand.

Who else loves our Cat Eye Makeup & Smokey Eye Makeup Stencils:

– Bobbi Thomas NBC Beauty & Style Editor for The Today Show

– InTouch Weekly

– Marie Claire

– Stylist UK

– The Mirror UK

– TeenVogue.com

– Elle Magazine

What else you need to know:

These one-of-a-kind eyeliner and eyeshadow makeup stencils are flexible and designed to fit any eye shape and eye size. They are also reusable and easy to clean for endless eye makeup applications. They can be used with any eyeshadow to create the look and set with either a gel liner, liquid liner, cream shadow or pencil liner for perfect cat eyeliner and winged liner that stays on all day long. Whether you’re in the mood for just a simple liner along your eyelid, perfect cat eyeliner, a winged eyeliner look, or a sultry smokey eye, you will easily be able to create them all with beautiful results!

Beauty tips for creating your looks:

Do you want to create the perfect winged eyeliner or cat eyeliner makeup? Grab your cat-eye makeup stencil and place it over your eyelid. Your eye should be closed and your cat eye stencil should be lined up with the natural shape of your lid. For the easiest application hold your cat eye makeup stencil in place with your index and middle fingers. For a trendy and thicker cat eye look you’ll want to make sure the edge of your cat eye stencil shape is placed slightly above your lashline. For an easy application, follow the black guideline along the cat eye stencil shape when applying your color. For a classic petite cat eyeliner look place the edge of your stencil closer to your lashline.  

Using a medium size eyeshadow brush create your cat eyeliner look by sweeping an eyeshadow into the cat eye stencil shape and pressing the color up into the point.  Remember to follow the black guideline. You can dampen your brush using an eyeliner sealant or a drop of water before dipping it into your eyeshadow. This will give you a more prominent eyeliner look and intensify the color.

Before moving on to the next eye, make sure to wipe your eyeliner stencil clean with a soft tissue or a baby wipe and repeat the same steps.

Create a winged eyeliner look: This is an eyeliner look that never seems to go out of style. There are a number of variations and once you’ve mastered the look they can all be achieved with ease. To get the perfect winged shape the key is to extend your cat eye stencil out from the end of your eye and point the tip up at a slight angle. The further you move your cat eye makeup stencil away from your outer eye and point the cat eye tip up, the more of a winged eye makeup effect you will create. For a winged liner that is thicker place the stencil further away from the lashline, and for a thinner winged liner place it close the lashline.

Finish your winged eyeliner look by lining underneath your eye with your Bottom Liner Stencil (found on the opposite side of your smokey eye makeup stencil). Place the end of your Bottom Liner Stencil so that it is centered underneath your eye. The black guideline should extend beyond the end of your outer eye. Hold in place with your index and middle fingers and apply your shadow along the marked guideline all the way up so that it meets the top liner to form a perfect winged point.


Bottom Liner: Another thing the eye makeup stencils can do is perfect top and bottom liner. Many smokey eye makeup looks call for bottom liner. To do this, place your Bottom Liner Stencil underneath your lashes, hold in place and fill in with color.  Remove your stencil, wipe clean and repeat on the other eye. Pro Tip: The closer you place your bottom stencil to your lashline the thinner the eyeliner.

Top Eyeliner: To create a simple eyeliner look for the top eyelid take your Top Liner Stencil (found on the opposite side of the cat eye makeup stencil) and flip it upside down. Hold in place along your lashline using your index and middle fingers and sweep/press your eye color along the black guideline. For a thicker line place your Top Liner Stencil further away from lashline.

For the best results when using our eyeliner stencils we recommend using an eyeshadow first to create the desired shape before setting the look with either a liquid, gel, cream or pencil formula.


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