6 Hot Makeup Looks for Festival Season 2019

6 Hot Makeup Looks for Festival Season 2019 | Beth Bender Beauty

Festival season has arrived, and with it dozens of occasions to really upgrade your style. Take advantage of these colorful, creative occasions with beauty looks that will add to your surroundings and give your festival outfits a boost!

1. Unicorn Eyes

(Image Source: Beauty Box)

We’re all about colorful, fantasy-filled looks for inventive days of festival fashion. Have you heard about unicorn eyes? Try them for your next event!

Cover your entire lids with a bright shimmery purple or fuchsia eyeshadow and then trace along your lower lash line using the same color. Grab a winged eyeliner stencil and draw long, white winged liner at your upper lids and then make tiny lines to imitate multi-colored stripes along the unicorn’s “horn” (the winged eyeliner starting from the outer corners of your eyes). Follow up with false lashes or a few coats of a lengthening and thickening mascara.

2. Dramatic, Metallic Winged Eyeliner

(Image Source: @Glam_Trash_Mua)

Let festival season be your stage for showing off the season’s hot metallic eye makeup looks.

Go really thick and dramatic and wing your eyeliner far out to the sides (as bold as you’d like to go). You’ll be using an eyeliner stencil to produce the dramatic wing above your eyes as well as to line below your eyes so that they’ll meet for a theatrical effect, framing your entire eyes. Make sure both lines meet at the corners of your eyes before continuing to taper off.

Recreate this look with silver or gold metallic eye makeup, a lengthening mascara and well-defined brows.

3. Mermaid Eyes

(Image Source: @beautybypaisley)

Play with color and shine with a pair of beautiful mermaid eyes. Pick a pretty selection of eyeshadows like violet, aqua, sea green and yellow. Take an eye makeup stencil and get to work. Apply the violet eyeshadow all over the lids then use your stencil to accurately brush the other three colors beneath your lower lashes. Start with aqua at the outer corners followed by sea green in the middle and yellow at the inner corners of your eyes.

Highlight with a shimmery white eyeshadow at the very inner corners of your eyes. This look works best with softly curled lashes and a single coat of mascara.

4. The Classically Gorgeous Face

(Image Source: Desi Perkins)

Wear a subtle eyeshadow color on the lids and below your eyes. Thinly line your lower lashes and slightly smudge your eyeshadow for a smokey-like effect. Apply a lengthening mascara to your upper lashes.

Spot conceal and apply foundation wherever needed. Apply a lustrous highlighter down the bridge of your nose, on the cupid’s bow of your upper lip and across your cheekbones. Finish with well-hydrated, lustrous red lips.

5. The Festival Princess

(Image Source: @bybrookelle)

Line your lids with a pastel colored eyeliner and then cover your lids, brow bones and your lower lashes with a creamy concealer. While the concealer is still wet, add cosmetic glitter to your liking. Finish the look with a super soft glow from blush dusted at the cheeks and a lip stain in a hue similar to your natural lip color.

6. Glitter-Filled, Metallic Smokey Eyes

(Image Source:@victoriaaangelique)

This look is unapologetically perfect for party time! Create a smokey eye using a black cream eyeshadow on the lids. Start with light dabs and slowly build up more color up as you go. Blend well. Use the same color on the lower lash line and then go over the waterlines of your lower lashes with a dark eyeliner pencil.

Next, apply a shimmery gray, dark silver or chrome powder eyeshadow over the gel eyeshadow you’ve already applied to the lids. Blend well. Do the same at the lower lashes. Lightly line your upper lids in the same dark liner pencil you used beneath your eyes. Finally, apply a cosmetic eye makeup glitter in silver all over the eyelids and also at different spots on your temples.

Don’t try to make it look perfect. The variation of glitter on your eyes is part of the magic. Fill in your brows, add two coats of mascara to your upper lashes and then apply a single coat of mascara to your lower lashes.

Spot conceal and apply foundation where needed and then dust on a light, translucent powder. Apply discreet bronzer as blush and add a metallic, lustrous lipstick to complete the look.

Festivals tend to last for hours on end, exposing you to both beautiful weather and the harshness of the elements alike. You can be in the sun or rain, humidity or dry winds or even by a salty beach or chlorine-filled pool. That means everywhere you turn, there’s another opportunity for smudging, caking or streaking your face. Prepare in advance by prepping your skin with a primer before you start to put those makeup brushes to work! As for the eye makeup, stick to waterproof mascara and eyeliner when you can.

Have fun!

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