Our Favorite Celebrity Red Carpet Looks And How to Easily Recreate Them

Our Favorite Celebrity Red Carpet Looks And How to Easily Recreate Them | Beth Bender Beauty

You watch the stars sashay down the red carpet wearing super stunning designer dresses, jewelry and sigh…professional makeup looks. You don’t need a makeup trunk filled with designer makeup formulations. You don’t even need to leave home to recreate the looks you love. Read our easy-to-understand, quick breakdown of some of our favorite red carpet looks from 2016 and you can start trying them out tonight!

1.Nicki Minaj at the 2016 MTV VMAs

We adore the modern and absolutely gorgeous beauty look Nicki Minaj wore to the VMAs. It’s perfect for so many different occasions and it can be dressed up or down, depending on the outfit you wear. To recreate the look, you’re going to want to make your upper eyelashes thick, dark and dramatic with mascara, skipping the lower lashes. Softly blend tones of brown eyeshadow on your lids, add bold yet skinny winged black eyeliner and line the waterline of your lower lash line. Highlighter completes the look as well as lightly glossed lips and super straight, sleek tresses.


(Image Source: Beautyeditor.ca)

2. Stella Maxwell at the 2016 MTV VMAs

Top model Stella Maxwell managed to look even more beautiful than usual at this year’s Video Music Awards. For this occasion, she pulled off red eye makeup with ease. You’ll probably been warned many times to avoid reddish hues around the eyes, and with good reason. They tend to make you look as if you’re under the weather. The hue she used is the right shade because it’s not the sort of red you’d find naturally on your skin. This means it avoids any connotations or associations with not feeling well.

To recreate the look, put your hair up like she did with her high ponytail so that you’ll bring more attention to your face. We like the way she allowed some tresses to fall around her temples in an effortless way to give the glamour look a no-fuss feel. Line your eyes lightly with black eyeliner followed by fuchsia liner. Softly blend fuchsia eyeshadow in a matching hue on your top and bottom lids. Finish the look with a fresh and dewy foundation and light pink lipstick.


(Image Source: Buro 24/7 Malaysia) 

3. Jojo at the 2016 MTV VMAs

Recreate Jojo’s modernized 90’s makeup look with super long and defined false lashes and dark eyeliner. Use a coppery brown eyeshadow all around except for a lighter eyeshadow to be used on the lids. Finish the look with a matte light brown lipstick. It’s easy to accomplish and it looks amazing on women of so many different skin tones.


(Image Source: Buro 24/7 Malaysia)

4. Emily Ratajkowski at the 2016 Emmy Awards

The model and actress wore a sexy and sophisticated beauty look for the red carpet. You can easily recreate the same or a similar look by drawing on thin black eyeliner on the upper and lower waterlines followed by subtly winged, turquoise eyeshadow in a luminous formulation. Add a thin layer of mascara to soft top and bottom lashes and softly fill the eyebrows with powder eyebrow makeup. Choose a nearly nude lipstick with a soft rose tint to it or similar hue that will work with your complexion. Finally, play up your cheekbones and opt for a sleek hairdo.


(Image Source: PopSugar)

5. Taylor Hill at the 2016 MTV VMAs

Taylor Hill worked the red carpet with a high fashion look suitable for the young top model. Recreate the look with thick, black, winged eyeliner in kohl or cream product, thick false lashes or a few coats of mascara and a soft and subtle blush. Choose a lipstick that’s maybe just a bit more pink or red than your natural hue. It’s sophisticated and sexy and it will work for beauties of any age. Once again, hair pulled off of the face gave special attention to the makeup. We like the wispy strands on the sides of her face which kept the look from being too severe.


(Image Source: Glamour)

6. Priyanka Chopra at the 2016 Emmy Awards

Recreate the starlet chic look Priyanka Chopra wore so well on the red carpet. The emphasis is on the clearly defined, thick eyebrows and red look-at-me lips. Give yourself a soft smokey eye based on hues from a natural palette for your skin tone. Define your upper and lower lashes and use pencil to thicken the look of your brow hairs (if you’re not already blessed with Brooke Shields-like brows). Opt for a dewy base featuring cream formulations and leave out your concealer so you can use it again to cover your lips once you’ve filled them in with lipliner. Next, brush on a bright matte red lipstick. The concealer will make the hue pop even more.

Pro Tip: Be sure to start with well-exfoliated and hydrated lips as matte lips leave no room for error!


(Image Source: Pop Sugar)

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