How to Create Perfect Cat Eyes With Our Eyeliner Stencil


Before/after Using BBB Stencil

Have you always wanted to create the perfect cat eye makeup look, or winged eyeliner look but haven't been able to get it just right? Well now you can in seconds and with professional results.


1. Grab your cat eyeliner stencil, place over the eye making sure the edge of cat eye shape is placed slightly away from lashline for a thicker line as seen here on Cara. Extend the point up at a slight angle for a more winged effect.
2. Dip into your onyx shadow and press your brush along the cat eye stencil shape making sure to press up into the cat eye point. Use a slightly dampened brush for a more intense color. Remove and repeat on the other eye.

3. Use the bottom liner stencil to create your bottom liner look. Place slightly below lashline for a thicker line as seen here on Cara. Make sure the bottom and top liner meet at the outer point of cat eye.
4. Set your look with Go over the cat eye shape and  our Long Wearing Gel Eyeliner in Onyx and Angled Eyeliner Brush. Go over the cat eye shape and carefully fill in making sure to wing out the ends outwards and upwards.

Before/after Using BBB Stencil


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