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7 Sexy and Effective Eye Makeup Looks

7 Sexy and Effective Eye Makeup Looks | Beth Bender Beauty

One of the things we look forward to each season is fashion week and all of the makeup looks that at some point or another eventually make their way into our own makeup routines. It’s where most of the trends begin and where many makeup artists draw inspiration. Not everything seen is something to be worn for everyday or ever in some cases, but the looks that stood out to us the most are makeup styles that with a slight modification can easily be achieved regardless of your makeup skills. 

1. Glittery Eyes. They’re back! There’s something about glitter on the eyes that even the slightest hint of it can transform an entire makeup look, and whether you’re committed to the look or not, let’s face it, it’s magical. Glitter was everywhere on the runways but the eyes dominated many of the looks. For an everyday look there are several different ways you can incorporate glitter into your eye makeup. For instance adding it as a liner along side your primary liner, using as an accent in a smokey eye look, or a full on glittered eyelid. If you’re up for a full-on glitter eye (using glitter as an eyeshadow), you’re going to want to create a base for your loose glitter to be set upon so you don’t get a lot of fallout.

A few ways to do it are to apply a primer or eyeshadow base, a cream shadow or gel shadow which will grab the glitter, a gel liner used as a shadow, or a concealer. All of these products have a tacky enough surface that will allow the glitter to hold. Once you have applied your glitter we still recommend using a setting spray as an added insurance for fallout.

If the full-on eye glitter look isn’t for you then go for the liner and combine it with your everyday eyeliner look. We love the cat eyeliner glitter look. To do create your cat eyes and then following the shape apply a thin line of glitter along the lashline and up to the point. As an accent and super sexy we might add, apply just underneath the cat eye point. 

2. Metallic Smokey look. Did metallics ever really leave? And if they did it was barely even noticeable. Metallic silver, gold, bronze and cobalt were featured on many of the runways with eye makeup looks that took the classic smokey eye to a whole different level. Some were paired with a matte shadow, while others just went for the full on glam. To create your own runway version and do the perfect metallic smokey eye start first by applying a pencil liner along your eyelid but instead make the line a little thicker. For a sliver or gunmetal metallic eye use a kohl pencil, for a cobalt metallic, navy or slate, and for a bronze metallic look, a dark brown pencil.

Start first by using your fingers to pat on the first few layers of metallic color right above your liner. Next, using a precision smudge and eye blender add a final layer of your color and blend it in thoroughly. There should be a slight gradient from the lid/lashline up into the crease. Using the same brush sweep your metallic color on your bottom lash line. Pencil liner under the eyes is optional. For a nighttime look you can add a touch of champagne/gold shimmer to the inner corner of eyes and as always, don’t forget mascara.


3. Big lashes. Like brows, lashes can do much more than you think for your eye makeup looks. Not only do they make your eyes appear bigger, but can also make your face appear more delicate and even create the illusion of a more elongated eye. One of the more popular ways in which to achieve this is by wearing false lashes or lash extensions.

For a DIY lash look, you can either wear lash strips, or lash clusters. Both are equally effective for creating a sexy doe-eyed look. If you’ve never done either you may want to start with the lash clusters first before moving onto the lash strips as they can be a bit of a challenge trying to get both ends to adhere to your own lashes. Lash clusters are also good choice if you want more control with placement and the overall look.

To create the trendy doll-eyed look, apply your clusters with a space in between each one as seen in the photo above. You can also add a few clusters to your bottom lashline too. Depending on where you live there are a few brands that are very good. The two that we like the best for creating this type of look are the Ardell Knot-Free Lash Clusters and the Kiss Ever EZ Lash Clusters both of which are available at most Walgreen's, Rite-Aids, and online. They are affordable and also look the most natural looking as well. Skip on the glue that comes with your lashes and get some lash glue by Duo. It has amazing hold and your lashes will last all day long. 

4. The Classic Cat eye. What’s not to like about the cat eye? It’s sexy, can be done in any thickness or length, and it looks good on just about everyone. There, we said it :-) It get’s reinvented with every new season, but the classic cat eyeliner look women have been wearing for years is ultra-flattering as is without any modifications necessary. Not only is it a classic look, it’s the perfect mesh of wearing just enough makeup to not look overdone, but enough to make an eyeliner statement.

For the perfect cat eye, start first by using a pencil liner so that if you mess up, you can easily re-do it. To make the cat eye, extend the liner out past your lash line and flick upwards. Then, bring the liner back down in a triangle shape to connect back on your lash line. After you’ve perfected your cat eye with the pencil, lock in the look and color by going over with a liquid liner or gel liner. Having trouble creating the perfect cat eye shape free hand? Try a Cat Eye Makeup Stencil. Click here to see how.

5. The perfect lashes and liner combo. The runways were all about thick eyeliner and big lashes this season. Designers paired a thick line of liquid liner with big lashes to accentuate eyes fully. (Think Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Edie Sedgwick style.) To create this look on yourself, make sure to choose a formula that will stay put like a liquid or gel. If you do use a pencil you should look for one that is waterproof or gel based.

To further enhance your liner’s longevity, and to prevent shiny lids from eating away at your liner consider adding a primer first. If you don’t want to spend money on a primer then add a touch of concealer over your lid before your shadow or liner. Once you’ve perfected your thick liquid liner look, go for the lashes by adding a few lash clusters to the outer eyes and finishing the look with a coat or two of black mascara. For tips on how to apply lash clusters click here.


6. Bold Brows. A bold brow can instantly amp up any eye makeup look. Over-tweezing is a thing of the past and with the trending eye makeup looks happening now probably not a good idea either. Your brows are one of the strongest features on your face and the difference you can make just by filling them in or setting with a brow gel is a game changer. When it comes to how you fill them in you have options and one will definitely be right for you. If your brows are sparse, we recommend using a brow stencil and shadow to fill them in. They’re easy to use and in one swoop you can create a beautiful looking brow. If your brows are in need of a more defined shape you can also use a brow stencil. For brows that just need a little color use a pencil and lightly fill in the area’s that need it. Make sure the pencil is freshly sharpened and use short feathery strokes to avoid your brows looking overdone.

If you prefer something that deposits color as well as keeping your brows in place, a brow pomade may be the solution. Just remember to apply sparingly as the color will be more pigmented. As a rule: you shouldn’t try and match your brows to your hair color as that can look unnatural. Instead, go at least a shade lighter or darker (depending on your hair color). For black hair, try a mahogany or dark brown color. For blondes, a light brown or gray will work beautifully.

7. Rose-toned eyes. How we love our rose-gold shadows and just our luck it’s trending for fall. It’s a great look for brown and blue eyes, but most eye colors can carry it too. For brown or blue eyes you can apply directly to the eyelid or in the crease as an accent color. We like to use our fingers for the eyelid when doing just a wash of color paired with a dark brown liner. Just adding a bit of a rosy-gold color into your crease can instantly make your look more sultry.