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Creating PRO eyeliner and eye makeup has never been easier! This must-have set includes our Original Cat Eyeliner & Smokey Eye Stencil inspired by Beth while working side by side with Bobbi Brown. Together with the newest addition, Eye Candy Eyeliner Stencils the eye makeup looks you can achieve are endless. Everything from a classic cat eyeliner, to a gradient rainbow, stunning, dramatic winged liner or the sultriest smokey eye look.


Begin by removing your eyeliner stencil from the outer rounded edge to ensure your stencil doesn't tear. Place the winged shape of your eyeliner stencil over your eye starting at your outer eyelid. Place the shorter arm of your eyeliner stencil under your bottom lashes so that it fits comfortably along the lash line.

Depending on where you place the top arm of your eyeliner stencil will determine the thickness of your liner. Remove your second eyeliner stencil from your sheet and repeat the same steps on the other eye. Make sure both eyeliner stencils are flush against your eyelids with no gaps or creases before applying your eye makeup. Once both eyeliner stencils are in place begin applying your makeup from the pointed tip of your stencil and working your way down to the inner corner of your eye. Make sure entire shape is filled in. Remove and enjoy your perfect eyeliner!

Instructions for Cat Eye Stencil:

Place your Cat Eyeliner Stencil over eyelid. Let your lashes poke through the cat eye shape. You can create multiple eyeliner thicknesses by moving the black guideline of your Cat Eyeliner Stencil closer or further away from the lash line. Hold your Cat Eyeliner Stencil in place over the eyelid with your index finger and middle finger.  Using your brush, apply your color inside the cat eyeliner shape until the stencil is completely filled in. Remove, wipe clean, and repeat the same steps above on the other eye.

Instructions for Smokey Eye Stencil:

Place your Smokey Eye Stencil over your eyelid so it fits securely in the natural crease of your eye. Hold your stencil in place with your index and middle finger. Using your brush, apply color inside the smokey eye shape, making sure to completely fill the shape in before removing. Once your stencil is removed you can soften the edges with your eyeshadow brush. Line under your eyes with your Smokey Eye Stencil by placing the black guideline marked Bottom Liner along the bottom lash line. Using a medium eye shadow brush, sweep your color along black guideline and remove. You can soften the color with your brush or leave as is for a more defined liner.

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ive had this for about 3 years now and its my go to everyday !! (Posted on 12/6/2018)

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