How to Do Winged Eyeliner


How to Do Winged Eyeliner


Kerry Washington looked beautiful and it's obvious pregnancy agrees with her since she was absolutely radiant on the carpet. We especially loved her winged eyelinerand thought it was the perfect eye makeup choice to compliment her sexy tousled hair and gown. Learning how to do winged eyeliner can be the key detail that ties your whole look together.


How to Do Winged Eyeliner


Compared to an elaborate smokey eye look it's a much easier eye makeup style to pull off with a lot fewer steps and a lot less fallout to clean up. It's a look that can be modified and worn for daytime or nighttime, and pretty much looks great on everyone. For the easiest steps and tips on how to do winged eyeliner and re-create this look we turned to our own resident celebrity makeup artist Beth Bender, founder of Beth Bender Beauty and lover of both the cat eyeliner and winged liner.


“For how to do winged eyeliner like Kerry'son yourself you have a few options,” says Beth. Depending on how skilled and comfortable you are when it comes to applying, one option would be to use either a liquid liner or gel liner. The trick to using either is that you have limited time before it dries down making clean up a little tricky. You’ll need a good eyeliner brush, preferably pointed and firm, and a good eye makeup remover on hand to do the job right.


To create your winged liner using this technique, start first by lining along the lashline beginning at the inner corner and working your eyeliner out towards the outer eyelid. The trick is to get as close to the lashline as possible so as not to have a space between the eyelid and lashes. It should be completely flush with your lashline. When you get to the center of your eyelid begin to extend the color up and out to create the winged liner look. The point should meet where the tip of you brow ends.


Repeat this step from the middle of your eyelid until you have the desired thickness. Clean any unwanted color with a Q-tip and eye makeup remover. If you don’t have eye makeup remover available, an eye cream will work too. You can also use an eraser stick to get rid of fallout, (think clear marker but for eyes). To use simply go over the color you would like to remove and carefully wipe away with a Q-tip before moving on to concealer.




If you love the look but are just learning how to do winged eyeliner or cat eyeliner,another trick for how to do winged eyeliner with impressive and professional results like this is to use a Cat Eye Makeup Stencil. Beth’s innovative and one of a kind eyeliner and eye makeup stencils designed to help women achieve perfect eyes and eyeliner have made how to do winged eyeliner a snap even for those just beginning to wear eye makeup. After years of watching women struggle with doing their eyeliner, Beth decided it was time to design a makeup tool that allowed anyone to create their favorite eyeliner and eye makeup looks with confidence. Mission accomplished.


You can achieve popular eyeliner and eye makeup styles with makeup artist results, and the best part is they take seconds to do. They’re soft and flexible which allows them to conform to your eyes for easy placement, and they fit any eye shape and eye size. Makeup artists use them when time is sensitive and winged or cat eyeliner is called for, and celebrities have been known to have a set handy just in case.


To use them is easy, just pick up your cat eye makeup stencil and place it over your eyelid. Your lashes should be poking through the cut out cat-eye shape. Hold in place and follow the marked guide in black to apply your color. For the best results use your middle and index finger to hold your stencil in place over the eye and fill in with your favorite eyeshadow shade. Once you've finished this step you can remove the cat eye stencil and set your winged liner look with an eyeliner sealant, or intensify for a more dramatic style by tracing over with a liquid, gel liner or gel eyeliner pencil. 

ProTip: For how to do winged eyeliner that is thicker, place the cat eye makeup stencil slightly above your lashline and extend the point out and up at an angle.


If you prefer freehand but aren’t quite ready to go straight to a liquid or gel liner, another great trick for how to do winged eyeliner is to start first by creating your eyeliner using a freshly sharpened pencil in a soft taupe or grey to get the exact shape and point. Use a Q-tip with eye makeup remover or eye cream and clean up around your winged eyeliner shape to enhance the point, get the line just right, and remove any unwanted color. Once you’re happy with how it looks, you can then fill in with either a liquid or gel by tracing over the shape.


One of our favorite eyeliner pencils to use after we’ve created our winged liner look is Too Faced Perfect Eyes Eyeliner. We love it because it has the consistency and sheen of a gel eyeliner in a pot but in a pencil and has all of the benefits such as staying on for hours without any smudging. Who could ask for more?


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