Did Kate Middleton Create Her Eye Makeup Look with Beth Bender Beauty's Cat Eyeliner Stencil Kit?

Rumor has it that Kate has once again turned to her Cat Eye Makeup & Smokey Eye Makeup Stencils a la Carte. The latest evidence seen here with the up close and personal shot of her at Wellington Airport's military terminal for the start of the royal family's tour in New Zealand. The loving husband, and adorable baby, were the perfect picture of happiness as a royal.

Kate Middleton's secret to her perfect eyeliner


She was looking down at baby George while holding him up so we were able to get the perfect view at her eyelids and eyeshadow. Of course our first thought was did she use the Beth Bender Beauty cat eyeliner stencil kit she was rumored to have used to create her eyes for her wedding or did she go free hand? We're gonna go out on a limb and say yes she did:-) Even a queen-to-be deserves a little extra beauty help from time to time. Don't ya think?

From this photo what we can tell is:

She's got black eyeliner/eyeshadow along her upper lash line that's thicker towards the outer eye and slightly winged up at the ends. A demi cat-eye if you would without the full glam.

A wash of a brownish-taupe eyeshadow. Perhaps from the Smokey Eye Kit. Whose to say?

In the crease it almost looks like the same onyx liner/shadow used to line her eyes was carefully blended up into the crease stopping less than halfway in. Cat Eye Makeup & Smokey Eye Makeup Stencils a la Carte? The royal secret is safe with us :-) Xx


Perfect Cat Eyes


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