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How to do smokey eye makeup is a breeze with the Backstage Beauty Smoky Eyeshadow Quad Collection. A black matte mirrored palette featuring four color-coordinated shadows for creating gorgeous eye makeup looks to play up your eyes. Now includes a Gel Eyeliner Frosting in Onyx for even more styles to love!

• Hand Crafted and Manufactured in Los Angeles with Love •


What it is:

A black matte mirrored eyeshadow palette each packed with four beautiful hues hand picked by Beth Bender Beauty pro's to re-create all of the looks from behind the scenes of Fashion Week for every season. The secret for how to do smokey eyes is no longer a secret, with coordinating shadows, smokey eye makeup stencil,  cat eyeliner stencil, brushes, gel eyeliner, and instructions, you're one step away from glamorous eyes.

What it does:

Think you could never get it quite right?  Well now you can. Four color-coordinated cosmetic shadows take you step-by-step to a layered eye with depth and tons of attitude. You can rock any intensity of smokey eyes, from hot date to sexy vixen, and all shades can be worn alone, too.  And don't forget: smokey eyes don't have to be black!


Why Choose the Backstage Beauty Smokey Eyes Quad?

- Get gorgeous smokey eye looks without the help of a makeup artist

- Our one of a kind Smokey Eye Makeup Stencil helps you to achieve professional results in half the time

- Choose from seven color coordinated eyeshadow palettes that blend together beautifully

- Create the latest eye makeup trends for day or night

- Everything you need included


- Check out makeup artist Shonagh Scott from ShowMe Makeup create a smokey-cat eyeliner look using our eyeliner stencils and eyeshadow palette in Walk This Way.


Pro Tips for how to do a smokey eye:

Using your smokey eye makeup stencil place over the eye and hold with your index and middle fingers either from above the eye or below. Using your Pro Medium Eyeshadow Brush fill in with one of the medium shades in your palette making sure to press the color along the curve of smokey eye stencil. You can add as many layers of color as you like before removing your stencil.

Next, apply the color from your palette that is slightly darker than the medium shade applied to the lid into the crease from the outer eye to the center of eye area. Blend well to remove any hard lines. Finish your smokey eye look by adding the darkest color in your palette to the outer corner only and blending ¼ of the way in. Move your brush back and forth using a windshield wiper effect to blend the color. Your darkest shadow should stay within the end of your brows. Finish your smokey eye look by applying a lighter shade slightly above your crease color to highlight your brow bone and remove any hard lines creating a seamless finish.

Many smokey eye makeup looks include eyeliner underneath the eyes. To do this, using the same smokey eye stencil (marked bottom liner), place it along your bottom lashline and sweep your darker shade along the black guideline.

Before moving on to the next eye, make sure to wipe your smokey eye stencil clean with a soft tissue or a baby wipe and repeat the same steps as above. You can add either a beige or darker eyeliner pencil to the waterline to enhance your eyes and eye color.


The Backstage Beauty Smokey Eyes Quad includes:

• 4 Color Coordinated Eye Shadows 

• 1 Pro Medium Eyeshadow Brush

• 1 Dome Shaped Eyeliner Brush 

• 1 Smokey Eye Makeup Stencil

• 1 Cat Eye Makeup Stencil

• 1 Gel Eyeliner Frosting in Jett

• Color of palette may vary between pale pink and black


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Liz J. B.
best purchase made in a long time (Posted on 6/16/2015)
Kitty B.
Amazing!!! (Posted on 6/16/2015)
Angie M.
This kit comes with everything you need to get sexy smokey eyes like a pro. The colors are gorgeous and the eyeshadow stencils are awesome.

(Posted on 3/5/11) (Posted on 6/16/2015)
Angie M.
This kit comes with everything you need to get sexy smokey eyes like a pro. The colors are gorgeous and the eyeshadow stencils are awesome.

(Posted on 3/5/11) (Posted on 6/16/2015)

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