The Benefits of Using Eye Makeup Stencils

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Eye Makeup Stencils 

When you hear the term Makeup Stencils or Eyeliner Stencils it's something you might not have guessed could be used in context with eye makeup. However, one of the newest and more popular trends in makeup is using Eye Makeup Stencils. From brow stencils that help you achieve the perfect brow and arch by offering different brow shapes in one set, and most recently, eye makeup stencils that allow the user to create numerous eye makeup looks including perfect cat eyes, winged eyeliner, smokey eyes and top & bottom liner.



Beth Bender Beauty is the pioneer when it comes to eyeliner stencils. Makeup Artist and co-founder, Beth Bender created the original and first ever eyeliner and eye makeup stencils. As a working makeup artist, Beth noticed that many women just left out applying eyeliner altogether due to the difficulty they encountered each time they would try to do, so introducing a beauty tool that would allow them to create and achieve popular eye makeup looks such as a smokey eye, cat eye, or winged liner removed any hesitation or doubts and just made sense.

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They give you the confidence to create eye makeup looks with ease and allow you to do professional looks without having to spend hours getting it just right. For just $18.99 you get both the smokey eye stencil and cat eye makeup/winged liner stencil set which also includes top and bottom liner.

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One of the features of their eye makeup stencils is that they fit any eye shape and eye size. For someone who loves the look of a smokey eye but finds them a bit challenging the smokey eye stencil makes doing them a breeze.



Save time - Not only do eye makeup and eyeliner stencils save you a lot of time trying over and over again to get your makeup just right, but they also save you time trying to figure out how to do your makeup in the first place, like just where to place your shadow and what colors to put where. You don’t have to spend hours watching makeup tutorials just to try and master exactly what they’re doing since the stencils make it really easy to replicate, and doing a perfect cat eyeliner look, or a sultry smokey eye look is accomplished in less than half the time it would normally take.

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Less Mess – Another benefit to using an eye makeup stencil means a lot less fallout, because if you’re using a stencil, the fallout is going to go onto the stencil instead of falling underneath your eye. This also saves you time because if you’ve ever dealt with glittery shadows you know that the clean up time can definitely be longer trying to remove glitter from your face. Just remember to wipe the stencil clean with a soft tissue or a baby wipe before moving on to the next eye to avoid transferring color.

Tip: If you do happen to get some fallout, you can quickly clean it up with a piece of fabric tape, which easily removes glitter from your face without taking your other makeup off.

More symmetry - How many times have you complained that it takes forever to get both of your eyes to have similar cat eyeliner point and eventually you just give up and have one eye with a longer one than the other? You know…the eyeliner tragedy. With a cat eye stencil, you have no choice but to have symmetrical cat eyes. Using an eye shadow stencil can also help with symmetry, as it can be hard to get your shadow perfectly blended proportionately on either eye.

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Perfect brow shaping - Shaping and filling in your brows can be one of the most frustrating things a girl goes through while doing her makeup. To follow her natural brow line, or to go a little crazy and try and make it have an arch? Oh the dilemma! This is especially true for those who are growing their eyebrows in, or have over-tweezed and are now left with very sparse looking brows. To give your brows a nice shape, a brow stencil is what you need. They are super easy to use and usually come with four or five stencil templates/shapes so as your brows begin to grow in you have options in terms of thickness, length, and arch.

After you’ve filled in your brows with a brow powder or shadow, remove the stencil and clean up any hairs that are outside your brows natural shape. Remember to wipe your stencil clean with a soft tissue or baby wipe before moving on to the next brow to prevent color transfer. A great brow kit for grooming your brows that also includes brow stencils is the Bold and Beautiful Brow Defining Set. It comes with four brow shaping stencils, a tweezer, brow brush, spoolie brush, brow powder and a brow gel all for just $37.99.

Be the makeup envy of everyone - Stencils are not just good for eyeliner and eyeshadow. You can also get makeup stencils for creating cool designs around your eyes that happen to be very popular right now. Our stencils are perfect for your Halloween makeup and costumes and will give you that extra edge no one else will have. You’ll have everyone wondering when you got so good at doing eye makeup too! E

Save money - By using a makeup stencil for the eyes or brows you can save money on having to go to a salon or makeup counter to get your eye makeup done or your eyebrows groomed for a special event, girls night out, or a hot date night. It makes shaping your brows easy to do and you’re in control with how you shape them and how much hair you trim off.

Become more creative - A lot of us don’t wear much eye makeup because we don’t know how to put it on correctly, and not because we don’t like wearing it. The stencils allow you to be more creative in how you wear eye makeup and gives you the added confidence to know that you are applying it correctly.

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