Top 6 Eye Makeup Tips for Brides and Their BFF's

On your wedding, you’ll be flocked by family and friends who'll want to capture this special day. Throw away camera's, iphones, smartphones and video's will most likely end up on more than one Facebook page and of course the photographer you hired will be chasing you around trying to grab every photo op possible which means you'll want your makeup to be on point.

Top 6 Eye Makeup Tips for Brides and their BFFs

Of course your photographer will probably retouch a few flyaway hairs, runaway eyeliner, and the lipstick on your teeth, but you'll be ahead of the game if you can prevent the big blunders like disappearing eyeshadow, runny mascara, and lashes that don't stay put, well before they get in the way.

To help you look your most beautiful on the big day, we’ve compiled these 6 essential beauty tips from makeup pro Beth Bender to keep in your back pocket on your wedding day:

1.  If you're planning to apply any eye shadows and you want the color to last throughout the day, wear an eye shadow primer. Even if you've never worn one before this is the one day you'll be sorry that you didn't. You want your eye makeup to stay fresh and last throughout the day into the evening.

2. False lashes can look beautiful but if you’re not 100 percent comfortable with wearing them  then you should think about skipping them the day of. If you hire a makeup artist to do your makeup and request a trial before the big day ask them to apply lashes so you can at least see if you like how they feel. If you've never worn them they can take some time getting use to. You can also add a few lash clusters to the ends of the eyes which is not as big a commitment and will still look beautiful.

3. If you're planning to wear eyeliner which most brides do since it's good for photo's, make sure to choose a product that doesn't budge. A gel eyeliner in a pot or a pencil is perfect since they are water-resistant and can stand high temperatures, sweating, and humidity.

4. Wear the waterproof mascara. You'll be happy that you did. This is the one occassion where we give waterproof mascara a big pass. To protect your lashes, apply a water-based mascara first and then go over lashes with a waterproof. This will also make for a much easier time when  you are removing it. Don't forget to buy a fresh new mascara for the wedding, because mascara wears out and you'll want to have a tube that's brand spanking new.

5. For a photography-friendly highlight, opt for a shimmery powder highlighter in place of a liquid formula. Although liquid does look great when you first walk down the aisle and in the first few photos, but fast forward 3 hours later, and you could be looking at some serious shine and we don't mean dewy.

6. Avoid any beauty treatments that could go south in the days leading up to your wedding. Definitely try not to tweeze or wax your brows the day before. Don’t go to the tanning salon the day before, and don’t do self-tanner. If you're planning to do either of these give yourself plenty of time and see a professional you’ve worked with before.

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