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Why Choose Beth Bender Beauty?

Beth Bender Beauty is the premier retail source for everything eyes. Known in the beauty industry for our unique Cat Eye Makeup, Smokey Eye Makeup, and Top and Bottom Eyeliner Stencils which help you to do professional eye makeup looks with ease, and products that are affordable and designed to enhance your natural radiance. Beth Bender Beauty offers an entire line of beauty products exclusively for the eyes, with various shades and styles to choose from.
Our professional eye makeup brushes are hand picked and tested to provide a precision application every time. We offer some of the best eyeliner tools, eyeshadows and eyeliner products that can be combined with our Cat Eye Makeup Stencil, Smokey Eye Makeup Stencil, and our Top and Bottom Eyeliner Stencils to create your personal favorite looks and the hottest trends in beauty. In addition to our online store, check out for professional eye makeup tips from our beauty experts.


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