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These Eye Makeup Tricks Will Instantly Make Your Eyes Bigger

Whether you're running on just a few hours of sleep or looking to make your eyes pop, these easy tricks...

0 Comment / Dec 01, 2016

Top 5 Eye Makeup Looks Using Eyeliner Stencils

Any makeup tool that you have can be used in a variety of ways and eyeliner stencils and eye makeup stencils...

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These 8 Eye Makeup Hacks Will Shock You

It’s not easy being fabulous around the clock. In fact, it’s downright time-consuming for some of us. The good...

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4 Eye Makeup Art Looks From Instagram To Obsess Over

Makeup is so much more than the product you apply to your face. For makeup artists, it’s their outlet,...

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Did you See These 5 Makeup Looks from the 2016 Grammys?

The Grammys this year was filled with breathtaking dresses and stunning makeup. Although the fantastic...

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4 Killer Eye Makeup Looks for Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of year again! Valentine’s Day is a day that is either dreaded or loved by the general...

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