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10 Things All Makeup Addicts Understand

10 Things All Makeup Addicts Understand

We makeup lovers are a community. Whether we are lamenting on the struggles of the time it takes to create a flawless face or weighing the pros and cons of a new beauty tool, the makeup addict community is a tight knit group. We’ve compiled a list of things we think all makeup lovers will be able to relate to below. Let us know which ones you relate to the most in the comments below, or feel free to add to the list.

1. The absolute struggle of having to clean your brushes

It’s that day again. The day you have dreaded every day since the last time you had to do it. You know it’s coming, but you’ve been putting it off, hoping that somehow, they would magically be cleaned for you. In the hours leading up to the cleaning, you get depressed. You wonder if it’s even worth it. The time comes and you are on the verge of tears. By the fifth brush, your hands begin to get weak. “Is this what it feels like to die?” you wonder. As you near the end, you begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Although carpal tunnel has set in, your hands begin to work faster. You finish with a triumphant battle cry. YOU DID IT! As tears stream down your cheeks, you post on Facebook to let your friends and family know that you’re okay, you survived. Until next time, brushes.

2. Dealing with non-makeup wearers

If you could get a dollar for every time you heard the phrase, “You don’t need to wear makeup, you’re so pretty without it!” you would be whatever being richer than a trillionaire is. People who do not have to wear makeup are a blessed group, although their vision is skewed. They believe that because they don’t have to wear makeup, neither should everyone else. We don’t blame them, because they just don’t understand what it’s like to have to cover acne scars, rosacea and dark circles. Not only that, but makeup makes us feel confident in a way many things can’t. If we love it and are happy, why not enjoy it.

3. The transformation you feel after applying a fantastic lip shade

It’s true when they say applying lipstick or gloss can actually brighten your day. Lipstick transforms a makeup look. When you find that perfect shade that brings out your eyes just right and makes your bone structure look flawless, it is a beautiful thing. Lipstick has the ability that no other makeup product has to bring a look together perfectly. It can make you appear dressed up even if you spent a total of 2 minutes getting ready in the morning. It’s basically a miracle worker in a tube!

4. The way your soul is touched when you see perfectly done makeup

There are many different forms of art in this world and makeup is our art form. Thankfully, social media has allowed us to express our art on a larger scale. There are so many fantastic makeup artists that grace us with their makeup skills on social media. For makeup lovers, there’s a moment when you see perfectly filled in brows and super blended eyeshadow that you feel your heart might burst out of your chest with joy if you look for one more second. Yet, you keep looking in awe of it’s perfectness!

5. The feeling of agony when you realize it’s raining after you already did your makeup

So, you’ve spent almost a full hour perfecting your smokey eyes and getting your contour on fleek. You’re ready to walk out the door and start flaunting it when you suddenly notice some fat raindrops beginning to fall down from the sky. A quick check of your weather app and you realize that there’s a 90% change of your makeup being ruined today. Don’t you wish they made umbrellas for your eyes?

6. The struggle of one side being flawless and the other being blah

For some reason, it seems impossible to perfect both the left and right side of the face. Either one side’s cat eye is super long or your contour just won’t blend the same way as the other cheek did. The world will never know why both eyebrows were not created equally. You would think we would just accept our imperfections, but nevertheless, we will forever be re-doing our makeup to try and make it even.

7. The “don’t you already have that color?” statement

For people who aren’t as into makeup, they might not understand why it’s 100% necessary to have 15 different shades of nude lipsticks and 20 different palettes with roughly all of the same colors. However, we makeup lovers know that these shades are completely different from each other. Each shade is unique.

8. When someone compliments your makeup, your day is MADE

For a makeup lover, there is no better compliment than when someone compliments your makeup. That compliment is just proof that the hours and hours watching YouTube tutorials and the time it took to actually do your makeup that perfect is actually paying off. Heck, they might as well have just told you that you won a million dollars, because nothing can bring you down after that kind of positivity!

9. When you face is itchy but you don’t want to touch it

That nagging sensation has found you again. The urge to itch your eyebrow, cheek, your upper lip … whatever it is, is so strong. Yet, you will resist. There is no way that you are going to risk messing up your full face of makeup for a little relief! The itch will go away eventually…right? It still hasn’t gone away and you think you might break. Maybe if you scratch it very lightly? That won’t mess it up, right? Finally, the itch is gone. Victory! You have won again!

10. The fact that wearing makeup does not equal insecurity

A common misconception about makeup lovers is that they are insecure, so they wear makeup to cover up their insecurities. This is completely false. Although makeup may make us feel better about the way we look temporarily, we are secure in the fact that we don’t need makeup to make us happy. Makeup is only a means to an end, not the end itself. Makeup is a way of expressing ourselves. It’s our art, our outlet, our creativity. There’s a big difference!