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12 Amazing Eyeliner Tips Just for Hooded Eyes

We know, we know: eyeliner has probably been one of your greatest woes for your beautiful hooded eyes. If you’ve been trying to do your makeup with the same steps as everyone else (sometimes you even need different products), you’ve been met with frustration, smudged eyes and eyes that disappear.

Well, from today onward, you can literally wear the most gorgeous eye makeup everyday – including eyeliner. Read on for our 12 simple tricks to beautify your hooded eyes:

1. Learn How to Tight Line.

It’s time to embrace the art of tight lining your eyeliner. This is a makeup skill that really everyone should add to their routine, but for hooded eyes it can be extremely useful. To tight line your eyes, gently press your eyeliner pencil in between the base of your upper lashes working your way from the outer eye area towards the inner. The color/liner will bleed into the waterline of your lids and that is perfectly fine. Remain calm, breathe easy and take it slow. It can be intimidating at first because it feels as if you’re going straight for your eyes but it’s actually not as hard as it looks. It’s more of a psychological hurdle to overcome! The finished result is amazing because your upper eye area is noticeably lined, even with open eyes and, it makes the base of your lashes look even thicker.

2. Say Yes to Using an Adhesive Eyeliner Stencil


One of the things we love most about using an adhesive eyeliner stencil especially for hooded eyes is that when placed over the eyes and along the eyelid they actually push the upper lid away making it super easy to create your eyeliner without any issues. You can do both eyes at the same time, fill in with your favorite color/formula and voila! Perfect liner and no more eyeliner tragedies

3. Know Which Eyeliners Work Best for Your Eyelids.

Smudge-proof and waterproof eyeliners are great picks for working makeup onto your upper lash line. A good oil base gel liner will stay put even on hooded eyes. Just remember to focus on the outer eye as this is where you can see the most of your artistry.

4. Reach For Quality 

The quality of your eye makeup does matter. Go for the good stuff when possible. Products with the reputation of working well and staying put.


5. Adopt a Special Technique for Your Liquid Liner.

Always close your eyes for a few minutes after applying your liquid eyeliner so it can dry. Be patient. Liquid liner looks beautiful but it’s a lot of work and a real mess to fix when accidentally smudged. Apply your liquid liner to one lid while your eye is still open, close it, wait for the makeup to dry and then repeat for your other eye. Tip: Gel eyeliner dries faster. Focus the liner towards the outer lid as this is where you have the most real estate in terms of color and style.

6. Re-imagine Your Cat Eye: Upside Down.

Eliminate any potential roadblocks to your cat eye by applying them beneath your eyes instead of above them. Use a pencil or gel liner, start at your inner eyes, and work all the way out to the corners – just as you would do for a traditional cat eye. The end result is totally enchanting.

7. Make Your Eyes Seem Bigger.

There are loads of spectacular looks involving eyeliner placed beneath your eyes and it’s probably your favorite area to focus on since your lids pose special challenges. Continue to enjoy lining your lower lash line but remember that lining only the top and skipping the bottom can actually make your eyes appear to be bigger.


8. Draw a Tiny Flick.

You can draw eyeliner on your lids and continue out just a little past the ends of your eyes for a subtle yet gorgeous touch. It really doesn’t take much effort to up your beauty game!

9. Experiment with Other Eyeliner Colors for Different Effects.

Try wearing dark brown, brown or navy blue eyeliner by day to soften up your look. Black can come off as harsh in the daytime, even more so if your hooded eyes look heavy or sleepy.

10. Use a New Eyeliner Strategy.

Look down at a mirror when you apply your eyeliner so you can place it as close to the lash line as possible without getting it on your lids.



11. Open Your Eyes to Transform Your Entire Face.

Open up your eyes to make them appear bigger, fresher, and more alert with this eyeliner trick. Draw your eyeliner about 3/4 of the way in and then blend at the end of the line so that the end isn’t harsh or too clearly defined. Afterwards, strobe in the section that doesn’t have eyeliner using a shimmery white or light eyeshadow hue.

12. Take Extra Measures to Set Your Product.

We always recommend that you start your eye makeup routine with a good quality primer but we’ve found that it’s actually not enough for everyone with eyes that are hooded. If your primer isn’t doing the job, try this trick… Apply primer, apply your eyeliner, then trace over it with an eyeshadow in a matching color.