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14 of the Best Lazy Girl Makeup Hacks

14 of the Best Lazy Girl Makeup Hacks | Beth Bender Beauty

These are the lazy girl beauty hacks to learn if you’re not in the mood to do much of anything or if you’re just really strapped for time. These tips require very little effort but they bring on undeniably impactful results – surely a winning combination. So whether it’s a lazy Sunday at home preparing for brunch or you’re psyched to save time for something else, let these awesome beauty hacks be your guide…

1. Strobe with White or Silver Eyeshadow to Brighten Your Eyes.

You can literally wake up your entire face and brighten your eyes by dabbing on a little white or silver eyeshadow at the inner corners of your eyes! It’s a one step move that dramatically transforms.


2. Make Contouring a Breeze with a Pink-Peach Blush.

We get it. You need quite a bit of passion to give contouring a try. The different angles to keep in mind, contouring brushes, makeup and light require a concerted effort just to get good results. Here’s a secret. You can get a few of the benefits of contouring just by swiping on a little blush into your temples and brow bones. Be sure to go for a pink-peach hue and your bone structure will look a lot more pronounced.


3. Use a Smokey Eyeliner Stencil for Perfectly Sultry, Hassle-Free Eyes.

If you haven’t mastered the smokey eye or you want to achieve it with a lot less work, it’s time to break out the smokey eye eyeliner stencil. Use a stencil to achieve glamorous, red carpet ready eyes in literally seconds with helpful black guideline markings to show you exactly where to swipe – along with a detailed, step-by-step guide.

4. Strobe Your Face By Mixing Your Moisturizer with Your Makeup.

Hmm… a dewy, perfectly light-reflecting base without taking the time to carefully strobe? Sign us up! Mix your favorite moisturizer (keep it light and seasonally-appropriate) with your foundation for a really gorgeous effect.

Pro Tip: Add a few drops of a liquid luminizer into the mix for even more of a WOW effect. Check out My Secret Weapon from Beth Bender Beauty. Available in 3 beautiful shades. 


5. Perk Up Your Entire Face with a Good Lipstick.

Use a single lipstick to perk up your entire face when you work it into your lips then blend it onto your eyelids and cheeks. It’s almost no work at all but you’ll look totally refreshed.


6. Draw a Cat Eye in Seconds with an Eyeliner Stencil.

Eyeliner Stencils are a must-have item for the lazy girl’s makeup kit or really anyone who wants professional-looking results in seconds. Use a cat eye makeup stencil to avoid mistakes and to draw on exacting swipes of product. As a bonus, pick up a stencil that can be used for cat eyes or winged eyes so you can always look sexy while saving time.

7. Go from Daytime to Nighttime Makeup with Ease.

Get ready for tonight’s plans by just taking a cotton swab and smudging your eyeliner look from this afternoon. Voila… party appropriate makeup in seconds!


8. Skip the Lip liner.

Prevent your lipstick from bleeding and really allow the color to pop with this hack. Swipe on your lipstick and then trace your lips with a lip brush dipped in concealer.


9. Clean Up Makeup Mistakes with Eye Cream.

Instead of wiping all of your eye makeup off and starting from scratch, dip a cotton swab in eye cream and spot remove your mistake(s).


10. Use Clear Mascara to Groom Your Brows.

Grab a clear mascara to brush up your brows and make them perfectly groomed. Since you’re not depositing color as you would with your usual brow gel, brow pencil or brow powders, you don’t need to worry about making that awkward mistake of depositing too much color here and not enough there.

As a bonus, use clear mascara on your lower lashes for the benefits of a colored mascara but without the clean-ups or smudge.


11. Spot Check Your Face.

When you wake up in the morning feeling lazy, don’t force yourself to spend 30 minutes perfecting your base. Look for spots, dark circles and blemishes and cover them up with concealer. Next, apply foundation only as needed and you’re done.

12. Make One Area of Your Face the Focal Point for the Day.

You don’t need to do an entire face of makeup when you’re feeling lazy. Choose to make your lips or your eyes the focus for the day and keep everything else super simple.


13. Avoid Lipstick Touchups.

Who wants to reapply their lipstick a million times throughout the day? Choose a long-lasting lipstick or make any lipstick stay in place by lightly blotting, swiping on translucent powder and then adding another layer of lipstick. That should do the trick!


14. Keep Makeup Remover Wipes Next to Your Bed.

We all know that beauty sin number one is sleeping with our makeup on. Prevent your lazy, beautiful self from making this huge slip-up by always storing a handy pack of quality makeup remover wipes near your bed.