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15 Easy Makeup Tips To Make Your Eyes Stand Out

15 Easy Makeup Tips To Make Your Eyes Stand Out

We know there are plenty of tips and tricks available for how to put on eyeliner and how to apply eyeshadow to make your eyes stand out. These are just 15 of hundreds that may be useful to anyone who loves eye makeup. Simple enhancements that are easy enough to incorporate into most makeup looks.

  1. If you have trouble using a soft eyeliner pencil, try drawing a thick line directly onto your hand first. Then using a firm eyeliner brush, pick up the pigment from your hand and apply to your eye.

  2. Apply a shimmery champagne color to the inner corner of your eyes to brighten your entire face (think Sarah Jessica Parker from SATC days).Brushes you might use: a smudge brush, concealer brush or a cream eyeshadow brush.

  3. In the inside corner of the eye create a triangle using an opaque white shadow and medium size shadow brush and blend up towards the brow to instantly change the shape of your eye.

  4. Instead of just swiping on an eye shadow, press the color into your eyelid with a finger or brush. Do this a few times to give your eyelids a more pigmented look. Finish with a tight eyeliner in a dark brown, taupe or gray along the lash line. 

  5. Apply concealer to your under-eye circles after foundation (not before) to better camouflage them.

  6. Applying highlighter to the brow bone. After you’ve applied your eye makeup, dab a few dots of highlighter in a powder or cream (shimmer is up to you) along the brow bone and around your eye. Blend well with either your ring finger or concealer brush.

  7. To further blend and finish a smokey eye look, apply the same color used on your eyelids for your bottom lash line.

  8. If your eyes are blue, try a warm copper, bronze, gold, or rich brown eye shadow to enhance the color. Chocolate is an excellent shade to use as an eyeliner.

  9. If your eyes are green, try a purple shadow such as lavender, violet or amethyst. Keep the color sheer so it won’t look overdone. For eyeliner, a dark plum is beautiful.

  10. Dark eye shadows can be worn as eyeliner using an eyeliner sealant. To do, dip your brush into the sealant first, then your color and apply with a pointed eyeliner brush along the upper or lower lash line for a defined eye that will last for hours and hours.

  11. When lining your lashes, press the color into the lashes as you move along the eyelid so there’s no gap between your lashes and the eyeliner. You want the liner to look like it's flush with your gorgeous lashes.

  12. If your eyes are brown, use navy blue shadow to really make them stand out.

  13. If you’ve applied too much eye shadow, take a Q-tip and dip it into an eye cream and gently swipe off the tone you need to take down. Then, take your index finger or a small eyeshadow brush and add a bit of neutral shadow to soften the look.

  14. Swap out your neutral black or brown liner for a brightly colored one instead. Make your cat eye bold by drawing it on with a bright color, instead of your basic black or brown.

  15. If your lashes are thin, dust them with translucent powder before applying mascara to add bulk.