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9 Makeup “Rules” It’s Definitely Okay to Break

9 Makeup “Rules” It’s Definitely Okay to Break

How many times have you been “guilty” of breaking makeup rules of thumb? Well, when it comes to makeup – we’re not so big on rules! Here are nine of them you can toss aside: 


1. Stick with Makeup in Warm or Cool Tones.

There is definitely something to be said about warm and cool tones, undertones and other details in your complexion when it comes to tracking down the perfect foundation. But when it comes to your eye makeup colors and lipstick hues, you are absolutely free to experiment. The contrast in “warmness” and “coolness” in all of these colors can actually be the key to giving your look that special edge.


2. Some Makeup Shades Can Only Be Worn in Certain Seasons.

If you haven’t ignored this rule-please start today! We all love to try the makeup trends and beauty stories for the season and we certainly gravitate towards certain hues as the seasons change… but there is no specifically appropriate time for any single color. We’ll probably always see a bright or pastel-filled color palette for spring and summer and a darker, more dramatic palette when the temperature drops and the days go dark.

It’s only natural that we gravitate to these color moods but they’re by no means rules to live by. Go ahead and wear that dark and sultry eye in the middle of a summer afternoon if that’s what expresses your mood at the moment. Wear those punchy bright lipsticks in the winter to brighten up the bland colors on the streets. You’re the artist and the makeup is your palette… be free!


3. You Have to Wear Mascara Every Day If You Have Pale Eyelashes.

This beauty rule has been broken too many times to count for Spring/Summer 2017. Professional makeup artists gave models with super light lashes a break as they sent them out on the catwalks with mascara-less eyes. There are too many light lashed beauties who believe they can’t leave the house if their mascara tubes have gone dry so it’s been a great statement to see on the runways. Of course you don’t need to skip it every day or for every occasion but it’s nice to know that you do have the option of going bare.


4. Apply Foundation All Over Your Face.

The only time you should be applying foundation all over your face is when you need coverage all over your face! There are very few people who actually have blemishes or changes in complexion everywhere. Spot apply your foundation as needed and blend well.


5. Apply Your Base Before Your Eye Makeup.

We’d like to turn this rule on its head. Just a little eye makeup gone astray can eat up a lot of time (and patience). Do your eye makeup first so you can easily clean up any free falling product that manages to make its way to other parts of your face.


6. Reserve a Smokey Eye for Night.

Sometimes we have to wonder who makes these things up! And they really catch on…

Wear smokey eyes for the daytime or nighttime, and wear them to lunch. You can wear a smokey eye whenever you’d like. If you’d like to tone down the drama and lighten things up, just switch up your eyeshadow palette and you’re off.


7. Focus on One Area of Your Face.

This beauty rule was probably created as a guideline to steer you on the right path. It’s definitely gorgeous to focus only on your eyes or lips or cheeks but that’s certainly not the only way to go. You can wear equally impactful eyes, lips and cheeks all at once if you apply them with the right level of balance.


8. Don’t Wear Dark Eyeliner or False Eyelashes By Day.

Again, this is a silly rule and totally a matter of personal taste. It doesn’t have to be too heavy for day and there are tons of us who swear by wearing black eyeliner on our lower lashes and/or black cat eyes and kitten eyes by day. If you want to keep the look more subtle, go ahead and do the black eyeliner makeup look of your choice and stick to clear gloss or a neutral lip and your favorite blush of any hue. Just as it is with clothing, any single piece of makeup’s effect depends on how you “style” it.

As far as lashes go, there are SO many options from lash clusters, to demi-strips, to a delicate, barely there strip, and a full blown double strip, etc,  so definitely go for the lashes if you’re up for it. We LOVE them!


9. Don’t Wear Blue Eyeshadow.

You know what they say about too much of a good thing, right? That may have been what happened after blue shadow was everywhere in the 70’s and 80’s and then it earned a really bad rap. Thankfully fashion, beauty and design are pretty cyclical so the blue eyeshadow love has come back around. And even though blue eyeshadow is so hot right now, there are super stylish women who have been wearing these colors for years – whether in denim hues, turquoise, navy blue or other stunning colors. Just sayin’.