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Are These Eyeliner Stencils the Secret to Perfect Eyeliner?

Are These Eyeliner Stencils the Secret to Perfect Eyeliner? | Beth Bender Beauty
Ah, the mission for the perfect cat eye or any other stylish stroke of eyeliner. Have you mastered this art? If you’re like most beauty lovers, probably not. It’s not that gorgeous eyeliner can’t be recreated with a freehand technique, but that the odds aren’t always set up for your success.
Even the most seasoned of makeup mavens create time-consuming errors from rogue drops of liquid liner, last minute shaking of the hands or simply accidentally missing their marks. And at the end of the day, the only possible way to create a perfectly precise line is to bring a tool into the equation. That’s where eyeliner stencils come in.


Just as in the world of health and wellness, beauty pros agree that prevention is much better than trying to fix what’s gone wrong. It can be extremely messy and super time-consuming to clean up an eye makeup mistake when you’re trying to get out the door – chic and on time. What’s a better solution? Get prepped with the right product to help you get it right the first time. In fact, you’ll apply liner so gorgeously that you’ll be able to branch out to new eye makeup looks you never thought you could manage on your own before.

Even plenty of professional makeup artists have discovered the power of high quality eyeliner stencils for perfecting their looks on clients’ faces, particularly for more complex beauty work and to cut down on time. Have you ever been behind the scenes of a fashion show? An easier, quicker and cleaner tool for makeup definitely appeals!

Eyeliner Stencils Are Easy to Use.

Eyeliner stencils are excellent sources of help for pros and new beauty fans alike. You definitely don’t need experience and you can even create a wow-worthy eye on your first try. If you struggle a little on the first try though, don’t worry about it. It’s not unheard of to need a practice round or two the first time, but then you’re off to smooth stenciling!

Do know that it’s simple to use, it comes with detailed instructions and it opens up a world of possibilities. If you normally stick to kitten eyes, now you can move on to even more eye makeup and eyeliner styles and create dramatic cat eyeliner looks like a pro. If you typically swipe on a simple, smudged black liner try a multi-colored eyeliner look. Get creative and have fun knowing how easy it is to really do.

There are two different types of eyeliner stencils. There are the types of stencils that you can reuse over and over again, cleaning them in between uses. These are excellent because they’re a little firm, they last for so long and they’re really easy to clean (especially if you wipe them down right after you finish applying your makeup). Then there are the newer adhesive eyeliner stencils. These are the kind that you gently stick on to your eyes at the desired areas of eyeliner placement.
You line your eyes with whatever formula you desire and then gently pull them off, revealing beautiful eyes. The best part about these is that they’re totally hands-free. Sticking them on to your skin allows you to have two free hands available to complete your eye makeup or eyeliner look.

It all just depends on your own personal needs. A lot of women find they like both styles. Maybe you want the reusable ones for when you’re carefully applying your eye makeup at home but then you want the adhesives for when you have limited time, are traveling, or in the mood to create something really creative and outrageous like this Galaxy Eyeliner look above from @kristinaxmakeup. SO frickin’ gorgeous, it literally takes our breath away every time we watch it!

Experiment with Endless Eye Makeup Looks.

What are your favorite eye makeup and eyeliner looks? Eyeliner stencils can help you recreate kitten eyes, cat eyes, graphic winged liner, smokey eyes, rainbow eyes, unicorn eyes, simple top or bottom lined lashes and more. There are smokey eye stencils, also amazing for doing a cut crease, and cat eyeliner stencils which can be used to create these looks and others too. The sections that should be used for top liner, bottom liner, etc. are all clearly labeled so you’ll be able to experiment and produce an array of different looks. You can literally leave the house with professional-looking eye makeup in a matter of minutes.

The Original Eyeliner stencils work best with a powder color 

This allows the user to create the desired shape first before setting the look with a gel or liquid liner. This will also ensure that your color stays put for a longer period of time.

The best innovations are the ones that free up our time. If you struggle with your eyeliner, or your time is limited, keep it simple. Add eyeliner stencils to your beauty routine, improve your skills and feel empowered knowing you can primp yourself perfectly at a moment’s notice to look your best for any kind of event. A new age of beauty has arrived!