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Here’s What Shape of Eyeliner Looks Best on Your Eyes

Here’s What Shape of Eyeliner Looks Best on Your Eyes | Beth Bender Beauty

Eyes really are the windows to the soul and they come in so many beautiful colors, color combinations and shapes. The shape, color or size of the stroke of eyeliner you apply will either hurt or help your look, based on the shape and structure of your eyes. Here’s a look at some of the most common eye shapes and the way eyeliner can be used to bring forth the best of your features. It’s totally common to see more than one eye shape that applies to you (i.e. if you have downturned round eyes or asymmetrical wide-set eyes.) Just try to incorporate the tips for each of your features to achieve the best results.

1. Almond Eyes

If you have almond shaped eyes, congratulations… you can pretty much wear whatever eyeliner shape or style you want. If you really want to bring attention to the almond contours of your eyes, line your upper and lower lash lines to enhance your features.

This doesn’t mean that the other eye shapes are any less beautiful! You can find breathtaking celebrities and everyday women in your neighborhood with almond eyes or any of the eye shapes below.

2.Asymmetrical Eyes

Asymmetrical eyes can be solved by swiping on uneven eyeliner strokes in order to create the illusion of symmetry.

3. Close-Set Eyes

With close-set eyes, the trick is to be careful not to make them seem even closer to one another. You want them to look as if they’re exactly where they are or as if they’re farther apart. To create more visual distance between your eyes, draw a V with black liner at the outer corners of your eyes. Leave the inner corners without liner and you’ll achieve an effective optical illusion.


4. Deep Set Eyes

Deep set eyes are usually bigger eyes and the way they’re nestled into your face means your brow bones will be more prominent. The prominence of your brow bones causes shadows to cast over your eyes, making them appear to be even further set into your face. The solution is to work against the shadows by brightening and opening up your eyes with softer hues. You want to avoid dark black eyeliner (especially on your upper lids) and opt for softer, lighter colors instead.

5. Downturned Eyes

Eyes that are shaped to turn downwards often create the unwanted effect of making you look sleepy or sad. Since the point is to use eyeliner to lift your eyes upwards, you never want to line your lower lash line. Line the upper lid, creating a small flick that points up at the outer corner of your eye. This will create the lift illusion you seek. The cat eye and kitten eye are your stunning go-to looks.


6. Hooded Eyes or Monolid Eyes

Hooded eyes are characterized by having extra skin that go over the creases of your eyelids which in turn has the effect of appearing to minimize their size. Monolid eyelids are eyelids that do not have creases on the lids. The effect of a smaller lid for hooded eyes and no lid for monolid eyes means the same eyeliner rules work for both eye shapes.

Avoid using eyeliner on your bottom lash line as it will only serve to make your eyes appear smaller. Draw a thick line of eyeliner following the base of your upper lash line. If you’re doing a cat eye, make it a thicker cat eye with a more pronounced wing. Smudged eyeliner also looks really pretty for this eye shape.


7. Round Eyes

Whenever you wear eyeliner with round eyes, it’s best to try to use your makeup to create a specific shape. Winged eyeliner is always a great idea as well as smudging liner on your upper and lower lids.

8. Upturned Eyes

Upturned eyes are very similar to almond eyes except that they feature lower eyelids that look like they’re larger than the upper ones. Line the lower lids to achieve a greater balance. If you want to wear liner on your upper lids as well, repeat the same eyeliner strokes on your bottom lash line for balance.


9. Wide-Set Eyes

For wide-set eyes, the rules are basically the opposite of those for close-set eyes. You want to make them look as if they’re exactly where they are or you want to create an effect to make them look as if they’re closer. This can be achieved by using eyeliner to draw a thin line at the top and bottom lashes. Thick, winged eyeliner can also offer balance as well as a beautiful effect.


10. All Eyes

All eye shapes look fabulous with winged (cat eye) eyeliner. The only thing to consider is slightly changing your technique based on the shape of your eyes. Some shapes look better with thinner drawn lines, thicker lines or even different colored eyeliner.