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Top 7 Makeup Tips From Makeup Artist Beth Bender

Top 7 Makeup Tips From Makeup Artist Beth Bender | Beth Bender Beauty

With so many award shows happening in Los Angeles we thought what better time than to share some great tips from Beth herself who has been backstage and on the red carpet doing what she does best.


The 2014 SAG Awards were anything but boring when it came to beauty and fashion. Julia’s beauty look featured her eyes, keeping everything else soft in terms of lips and cheeks. A cream blush in place of a powder was a nice change especially for a more youthful, radiant glow.

For the eyes which were a softer version of a more dramatic smokey eye look, a wash of gunmetal shadow in Strut was applied to the eyelid. Next, a warm taupe shimmer was applied using a blender brush to the crease of eye and blended well for a flawless finish. Both colors were applied underneath the eye at lash line before blending together with a small eyeshadow or smudge brush.

A liquid eyeliner was applied along the top and bottom lash line, with the bottom liner having a slightly softer line and focusing more on the outer eye area. Check out Eye To Eye Liquid Eyeliner in "Dusk".

Play up your upper lash line. You can’t go wrong with two coats of mascara and a bit of your favorite brown beauty product for eyes, (pencil, powder, cream) smudged along your upper lashes. Apply shadow with a sponge-tipped brush and blend into lash line advises makeup artist Beth Bender.

Don't forget about your lower lash line. Lining underneath makes everyone's (yes, everyone's) eyes look bigger. "The key is avoiding harsh lines and tapering liner as you get closer to the inner eye.” The secret: Use a kohl pencil, then run a clean finger on top to soften it.


You know how professional eye makeup always looks so perfectly blended? That's because most makeup artists keep a clean, fluffy eye-shadow brush (preferably a blender brush) on hand specifically for blending. After you’ve finished creating your eyes, take your blender brush and moving back and forth like a windshield wiper blend the color to give it a more finished look. “Your shadow will look soft and worn in," says Bender.


When applying tinted moisturizer use a shade that closely matches your skin tone and apply a tiny bit over the cheekbones, temples, bridge of nose, and chin. It illuminates the high points of the face in a more natural way than a highlighter with shimmer.

Layering creams and powders helps the makeup last longer, plus the cream shines through the powder to create a nice inner glow.

Make your under eye concealer do double-duty. After covering up dark circles with concealer, dab a little on the inner and outer corners of your eyes to hide redness and dark spots, too. “Then tap a little over your brow bone,” says Beth. "It will make you look more awake.”


Keep your eye liner in place by applying an eyeliner sealant directly over your liner once it has been applied. This will ensure a smudge free look until you take it off.


First, warm up the pad of your eyelash curler for three to five seconds with your blow-dryer on a medium to high setting. Then position it at the base of your lashes before applying mascara. Press and hold for five seconds, shimmy it up to the middle of your lashes, and hold again for another five seconds. Finish with two to three coats of your favorite mascara for some serious boost.

Check out Tweezerman Super Curl Eyelash Curler. This is my favorite tool for curling lashes. It has no side bars and is much easier with gorgeous results!

Glowing and dewy skin has been all over the carpet this award season. J-lo has made it especially popular. We love it because it makes the skin look younger, especially if done correctly.

Contouring and highlighting gives the skin depth and gives the illusion of sculpted facial bones. To do on yourself try our My Secret Weapon Liquid Luminizer, available in six shades. You can apply directly to your cheekbones after foundation and feel free to use the chart above as a guide for where to apply to other area's on the face.

Once your have applied to the face, blend with a foundation or stipple brush for a perfect highlighted look.