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10 Quick Makeup Pick Me Up's to Try

10 Quick Makeup Pick Me Up's to Try

Giving your eye makeup an update doesn't always mean changing up your entire look. Sometimes even the simplest adjustment can make all the difference. Changing the color of your eyeliner, or mascara, adding a little highlighter, a few lashes, or grooming your brows. They don't call em' pro tips for nothing :-)


1. Give a subtle lift to your eyes by adding a concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone at the outer corners. For the best results we recommend using a concealer brush when applying. 


2. Add a few individual lash clusters to the outer corners of your eyes, says makeup artist Beth Bender. “It’s one of my favorite tricks and takes minutes to do. No one will be able to tell, but they won't be able to stop staring at your gorgeous peepers.


3. Want to look more awake? For deeper skin tones, neutralize the purplish/blue under eye circles with an orange pigment. When covered with a concealer in the same color as your skin tone, the area will look bright and flawless. A Fairer complexion would choose a peach-toned concealer. Set with a translucent powder once you've finished.


4. An Instant facelift: This is a great trick that we use all the time. When you're filling in your eyebrows, make sure to extend the tail end so it’s higher or at the same level as where your eyebrow begins. Not lower though since this will bring your features down.


5. We know for many of you who are devoted to your black mascara the idea of using a color probably doesn't cross your mind, but if you're feeling up for it, try adding a plum or a blue hue to just your lower lashes. It's a great way to create a subtle color pop and you might even end up loving it. Another option is to apply one coat of black mascara and then hit just the tips of your lashes with a plum, or a blue.


6. Add a subtle sparkle: Dab an eyeliner brush dipped in a glitter shadow (make sure to tap off excess first) on just the tips of your eyelashes while they’re still wet with mascara. One of our favorite red carpet looks. Gorgeous is here! 


7. Sweep a shimmery shadow that’s a shade or two lighter than your skin tone over your eyelids to brighten up for daytime. Using your index or middle finger to apply your color will create a more pigmented look that's even more eye popping. The more layers you add the more eye popping you'll be. It's amazing!


8. For a more intense eye color, apply your eyeshadow with a dampened brush. It will instantly richen the color. Pro Tip: Use an eyeliner sealant to dampen your brush and lock in the color.


9. Using your index finger, tap a tiny amount of a glitter pigment on the center of your eyelid after applying your shadow. It will give your eyes a beautiful sparkle that catches the light. You can use an eyeliner sealant with the glitter to keep it from going everywhere.

10. To make your eyes look larger and wider, apply a light colored eye shadow in a matte or shimmer to the inside corners or the "v" of the eye as we like to call it. Finish by applying a dark shadow to the outer corners.