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15 Top Beauty Secrets from Female Celebrities

Let’s face it, when you’re a female celebrity who spends her fair share of time on the red carpet you usually have a pretty darn good glam squad. From the top makeup artists, to the top hair stylists who have years of experience and know all of the best tricks and tips and with that comes some beauty and makeup secrets that celebrities have shared that they do to attain their glowing skin, perfect makeup, gorgeous hair, and basically just over-all perfection.


1. Halle Berry’s coffee grounds trick. Ever wondered how Halle Berry gets her gorgeous skin? Well, the secret she says is in her coffee grounds. Yep, that’s right beauties. Halle adds them to her body wash and then uses as an exfoliant to help prevent cellulite. The gentle exfoliation of the coffee grounds along with the caffeine increases blood flow while also smoothing the skin. It also increases circulation and can help with retention of water. You can also mix the grounds with hot water instead of mixing it with your body wash. Either way, we’re so on board with this celebrity tip!


2. Hilary Duff’s glowing face. The secret to Hilary Duff’s glowing skin? Using a refreshing spray before putting on your makeup. Wow! Love this one. Using a mist before you put on your foundation can revive dull and tired skin. Refreshing sprays have antioxidants in them that help amp up your faces’ natural beauty and keeps the skin hydrated all day. You can find a great one at Frend's Beauty on Laurel Canyon in LA. It is AMAZING!


3. Lady Gaga’s purple shampoo. Lady Gaga knows that if you want to keep your blonde locks in tip-top shape, you need to use certain shampoos to take away the brassiness, especially if you’re someone who dyes your hair as much as she does. She likes to use Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo, which is a deep purple colored product that is a cult favorite. The shampoo will help brighten highlights and will take the yellow out of blonde hair. 


4. Christina Hendrick’s perfect legs. This red-haired, fair skinned bombshell from Mad Men knows that when she has to show skin, it better be looking spectacular. She says that if she’s going to be wearing a short dress or skirt that day, her makeup artist will mix foundation in with her body lotion to give an airbrushed finish. Our pro tip for this trick is to finish with a setting spray so the color doesn’t transfer to your clothing.


5. The Dutchess of Cambridge bee venom facials. The secret to Kate Middleton’s beautiful skin? Bee venom facials. Not for the faint at heart but apparently when the venom comes in contact with the face, the skin reacts as if it has been stung and automatically plumps up. This treatment also claims to help with healing scars, acne, improving the skins texture and reducing wrinkles. The phenomenon has been dubbed the “natural botox” for it’s firming powers. If you're allergic to bee's you might want to skip this one :-)


6. Rachel Bilson’s makeup remover. Rachel says that she likes to take off her makeup with Vaseline. She says it quickly and easily removes her makeup off her face after a long day. Not only is Vaseline a quick way to remove your makeup, it’s also gentle on the skin and ultra-moisturizing as well.

Pro Tip: you can also use Vaseline in a lotion formula as a makeup remover too. Just make sure to use one that’s scent-free to avoid irritating the skin. 


7. Jewel’s Rosy Glow. Singer Jewel stated that her secret for having the perfect blushed cheeks is to use a lip stain. The singer says that she applies lip stain under her foundation on her cheeks to give her cheeks a natural glow. Applying under her foundation ensures that the lip stain isn’t too intense, since the foundation gives it a barrier that softens the stain.


8. Miranda Kerr’s gorgeous eyes. Miranda Kerr is famous for her beautiful blue eyes but not many people know her secret on how she gets them to pop even more! The super model says that she uses a clear lip balm as a highlighter around her eyes. Make sure if you’re going to use this tip, to use a natural balm and not a lip gloss, as that will be a little too sticky around your eyes.


9. Shakira’s skin secret. Shakira knows how important it is to have skin that’s always protected from the sun. Instead of using adult sunscreen, she uses baby SPF, which is stronger than most adult SPF’s so you get the ultimate coverage from the sun’s harmful rays. She uses BabyGanics Cover-Up Baby Sun Care, which can be found at most Walgreens.


10. Catherine Zeta-Jones luscious locks. The secret to Catherine’s long, luscious brown locks? Hard to believe, but it’s beer. The beer hair rinse trick has been around for a while. Beer helps prevent hair fall due to its vitamin B and amino acids, and the alcohol helps to remove buildup. The vitamin B regulates the oil production of the scalp. The yeast is also great. It has an acidic pH, which meansit closes the hair scales and as a result makes the hair shine.

To try this tip out, after shampooing, douse your hair in some beer, cover with a shower cap and leave it in for about five minutes before rinsing out.


11. Jennifer Aniston's wrinkle-free face. It’s no secret that Jennifer Aniston’s face looks incredibly youthful. So, what does she do to keep it looking so good? Jennifer says that every night after taking her makeup off, she puts some Vaseline under her eyes and swears by it preventing lines and wrinkles. Not only that, but Vaseline is also extremely moisturizing and we all know how important it is especially as our skin begins to age to keep the under-eye area hydrated.


12. Lady Gaga’s glitter-free face. How does Lady Gaga remove the glitter fallout from her face, exactly? Tape! Although glitter can be hard to remove, using tape will lift it right off your face without removing your other makeup. To try this tip, we suggest using a fabric tape, which will be the most gentle on sensitive skin.


13. Mariah Carey's plump lips. The secret to getting plumper and fuller lips is simple and Mariah Carey’s a big fan. She mixes mint extract into her favorite lip gloss before applying it to her lips. Why mint? Mint increases the circulation and allows for easier blood flow to your lips, which in turn pumps them up another notch. If you don’t have any mint extract lying around, try using a mint lip balm or gloss. You can find mint extract at most health food stores like Whole Foods.


14. Emma Stone’s flawless skin secret. You wouldn’t know it to look at her but Emma Stone has shared that she has super sensitive skin and actually has a hard time finding products that don’t irritate it. Her alternative to moisturizers that wreak havoc on her skin is grapeseed oil. The actress uses grapeseed oil in place of a moisturizer to keep her skin moisturized and looking its best on and off the screen. It’s available at most health food stores and online too.


15. Jessica Alba’s long lashes. Jessica Alba will never walk out of the house without curling her lashes and swears to this being her secret to reviving tired eyes. Our Pro Tip: before curling your lashes, hold your lash curler under a blow dryer for just a few seconds to heat up the pads, which will give your lashes an even more eye opening look.