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PRO Tips for Beautiful Brows

PRO Tips for Beautiful Brows | Beth Bender Beauty

When it comes to your brows, think of them just as they are – your very own set of custom frames for your face! Have you ever had a photo of family and friends and you didn’t have the right frame so you mounted it anyway in one that didn’t look so great? In the end, you couldn’t wait to take it off of the wall because it really only served to do the image a huge injustice. Well, the same concept applies to your eyebrows. Take care of them and dress them up with style or you’ll end up taking away from your natural beauty and any makeup look you try.

1. Make Brow Care Your First Priority

Great eyebrows start with attention and care. Unless you happen to be blessed with an incredible talent for tweezers, it’s best to leave eyebrow shaping to the pros. Do note that there are lots of ways to get rid of unruly or stray hairs and shape the brows. We happen to love the classic options the most… meaning booking tweezing or waxing sessions.

A solid brow shape will highlight your face’s unique bone structure serve to complement the rest of your features. Once you’ve gotten a stellar shape from a pro, you’ll probably be able to handle any teeny touchups that need to be made in between salon visits like plucking stray hairs. Do take care to only pluck single stray hairs that spring up beneath your brows and never take out the hairs that grow above them.

2. Add Eyebrow Gel to Your Routine

If you’ve been blessed with thicker brows like beauties including Brooke Shields and Camilla Belle, you may need a good eyebrow gel by your side. That’s because thicker, bushier brows (so stunning) tend to produce unruly brow hairs too. Brow gel will keep your eyebrows in check – even when you’re not wearing any other makeup.

As for the rest of us, eyebrow gel is the perfect product to finish our brow look in our routines. It helps to set brow makeup and keep brow hairs in place. Choose a formula with a tint to it to really sharpen your brow look or skip the brow gel altogether and reach for a clear mascara as a good alternative instead.

No matter what kind of eyebrows you have, focus on brow care first. If you happen to wear a brow gel every day or almost every day, consider investing in a health-promoting version containing nourishing ingredients that will help maintain soft and silky brow hairs.

3. Learn the Proper Applications for Different Brow Tools and Makeup

Eyebrow Gel

Eyebrow gel is great for grooming unruly brow hairs and some are even available in a range of tinted hues. Eyebrow gel is typically sold in a container that looks like mascara, spiral wand applicator and all.

Eyebrow Pencil

Eyebrow pencil is the tool for defining your eyebrow shape and filling in any areas missing hairs. Try going for an angled brow pencil for best results.

Eyebrow Powder

Apply eyebrow powder with a slanted eyebrow brush to add more color and definition for a more “finished” look.

Eyebrow Wax

If you’ve suffered a bad tweezing session, it’s time to break out the eyebrow wax. It’s an amazing product that will help you fill in areas of missing hairs with ease.

Angled Brow Brush

This is the top eyebrow brush of choice as it gives you a wonderful angle and excellent control.

Spiral Eyebrow Brush

This is the tool to groom your brows with eyebrow gel or to groom bare brows before tweezing excess hairs or before diving into your makeup routine.


4. Choose the Best Makeup Brushes and Tools for You

You’ll get the best results in beauty, in every respect, if you understand the wide range of options out there but you only stick to what works for you best. Do you work better with a brow pencil or do you get better results when you use a brow powder with a brush? If you work best with brow gel or a brow cream what type of brow brush gives you the best outcome?

Experiment with a few different options and then stick with the method that gives you the best results. There’s no need to struggle- keep it simple.

5. Experience the Beauty of Ombré Brows

We know, we know, you’r hearing the word “ombré” everywhere these days. Well, it’s because pretty much all things ombré look extremely attractive – whether we’re talking about an ombré summer tie dye dress for the beach, ombré highlighted hair or the look as applied to eyebrows.

Take an angled eyebrow brush and go over the upper and lower edges of your brows in light strokes in a deeper shade and then fill in the rest with a lighter shade. Your made up brows will end up looking softer and more natural than most other eyebrow makeup looks because of the subtle differences in the hues. Finish with a clear eyebrow gel if you have the type of brow hairs that need help to stay in place.

Great-looking eyebrows are the foundation of seriously gorgeous beauty.