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5 Steps to Wearing False Lashes

5 Steps to Wearing False Lashes | Beth Bender Beauty

Lashes whether they are strips or individuals shouldn't be intimidating. All it takes is a little practice and you can easily master the steps to applying them with confidence. The trick is getting them to blend in with your natural lashes without looking obvious. So, if you're ready to give it a go, we offer a few ways to make the whole faux lash experience go more smoothly. 

Start by cutting the lash strips so they're as long as the length between the center of your eye to the outer corner. "Remember it’s all about blending your inner lash line lashes with the faux lashes.  So you want to avoid starting too close to your inner eye, because it’s a dead giveaway and difficult to glue down in that naturally sparser area,” says Beth.

Spread a thin line of glue along the thread of lash strip and blow on it until it becomes a little dry and tacky.

Use your fingers to apply the fake lash to the outer corner of your lash line (and not your lid). Then, carefully use the round end of tweezers or the straight edge of an orange stick (used for nails but a tool many makeup artist's use for lashes) to press the strip down securely along the lash line. If you are still hesitant, Beth promises it gets better with practice. She got a lot of practice herself years ago as one of Bobbi Brown's key makeup artists. "I would have to do close to 30 sets for a show during fashion week by myself, so I learned pretty quickly, and just went for it." 

Once the lash is attached, use your fingers and hold down both edges of the false lash for a few minutes until the glue dries to lock them in place.

To finish, apply a brown or black eyeliner in a felt tip, liquid or pencil along the lash line, curl with an eyelash curler and top off with a generous coat of mascara to blend the natural and faux lashes together.You can comb through lashes with a lash comb once mascara has been applied. 

ProTip: Too many coats of mascara can tend to make the lashes look clumpy so be careful when applying. 

Do you have a favorite trick for applying false lashes? We'd love to hear it:-)