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Makeup Artist Beth Bender Shares 4 of her Favorite Tips for Getting Sexy Eye Makeup

Makeup Artist Beth Bender Shares 4 of her Favorite Tips for Getting Sexy Eye Makeup

Makeup Artist Beth Bender is one busy lady. Just recently in between shooting a commercial here in Los Angeles and running to her next job we were able to get her best tips for mastering a sexy eye makeup look


With all of the information out there, and there is so much, and all of the fine lines you walk when doing makeup it is a constant balancing routine for Bender to stay on the right side of sexy especially when it comes to her clients, many of whom are in the film industry. For her, the right side of sexy is the subtle side that looks like your work was effortless and doesn't really reveal the time and skills that went into creating it, but does show the power of seduction. 


As a makeup artist who got her start in NYC doing editorial, working side by side with Bobbi Brown, and with over 20 years under her belt, her simple tips or beauty adjustments as we like to call them can make the difference between a flawless eye makeup look and an almost there, but not quite look.


When you're asked to create a sexy eye makeup look, what's the first thing that comes to mind? 

“For me I tend to lean towards eye makeup that I consider to be more of a classic look, like a dark smokey eye with nude lips, or a sexy black cat eyeliner look with either red lips or a strong lip color. Makeup you've seen over and over on so many celebrities, but there's a reason for that, it looks beautiful. Every face is unique and I like to focus on one main feature. If I decide on a strong smokey eye look, then I keep the lip colour softer, and if I do a stronger lip color, I usually do less on the eyes in terms of color, like a sexy cat eye makeup or a tight eyeliner in a dark onyx or very dark brown.”


What are the most important things to consider when creating a sexy smokey eye?

“The most important thing is blending. Anyone I have worked with or have given advice to knows that this is key to a flawless look. Investing in just a few good brushes is also important. The basics like an eyeshadow brush, overall shader, a blender brush, and an eyeliner brush should be staples for your makeup bag or kit if you are just starting out. Another is to choose more than one shade of eyeshadow. So for instance if you're going for a bronze eye makeup look, golds, coppers, apricots, peach tones, and even matte shadows like a rich brown, or terra cotta can be used. The shades should be from the same color family or colors that compliment each other like a plum shimmer and gold or a platinum/gunmetal hue so that they blend easily.”


What is the best way to pick makeup color combinations without overdoing it?

“There are few ways you can do this. If you're not sure, one way is to look at different makeup palettes either at a makeup counter or online. At a makeup counter grab a Q-tip and start playing. Put the colors on your hand and see how they blend. When we design a new palette for Beth Bender Beauty we try to do just that. With our Backstage Beauty Smokey Eye Quads and Get the Look Trio's each color works to create the look. They should complement each other.”


What is the quickest way to take a more casual makeup look and turn it into a sultry eye makeup look?

“You can add an eyeliner to the waterline or tightly underneath along the lash line with an eyeliner pencil and smudge it with a brush or sponge tip applicator. I usually recommend a waterproof eyeliner pencil since it tends to stay put a lot longer. You can sweep one of the colors used on the eyelid underneath the eye to act as a barrier for any bleeding. Add a coat or two of mascara, a nude or soft pink gloss to the lips and you're all set”.