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7 Ways to Cure a Hangover Face

7 Ways to Cure a Hangover Face | Beth Bender Beauty

We’re definitely not promoting any activities that lead to the dreaded hangover face, but we know it’s just something that can happen from time to time! Safeguard your beauty and put your best face forward after a late night filled with a few too many shots or even just two glasses of wine too many when you pull out these tried-and-true tricks. FYI, making super late nights and too much alcohol a regular habit is a quick way to start losing your natural beauty. Party responsibly.

But for the rare nights you do misbehave, consider these your face-saving remedies: 

1. Tame Your Puffy Eyes.

Puffy eyes are the most common issue you’ll face after a long night of cocktails. You can hardly open your eyes since they’re swelled beyond their usual dimensions and they not only make your eyes look like a wreck, but they weirdly change the appearance of your entire face – gasp!

Thankfully you can really tone down them down dramatically. First take the time to chill out and wear your favorite cold eye mask to decrease the puffiness. If you don’t have one, relax and lay back with a cold slice of cucumber on each eye. As a bonus, the cucumber will reduce under-eye darkness too. Next, apply a rich under-eye cream and you’ll notice a definite difference.

2. Banish Dark Under-Eye Circles.

If your biggest hangover woes are scary under-eye circles, look to concealer to help fade them into the background. Opt for a peach-hued, creamy concealer as it’s the perfect shade to help nix blue colors and it also happens to look fabulous on everyone. As a bonus, the creamy texture will nourish this morning’s extra dry skin.

Apply the concealer as two inverted triangles, one beneath each of your eyes. This is a makeup artist trick that uses makeup and light to brighten the area and give your face the appearance of a lift (read: you’ll look much more awake)

3. Brighten Up Your Face.

When you’re hungover, you’re actually witnessing the devastation of a seriously dehydrated body! The dehydration, exhaustion and stress makes you instantly look older and pretty haggard. Thankfully you can add a few extra hours of sleep to your face by giving it a brightening boost. Highlight with a shimmery champagne-hued eyeshadow at the inner corners of your eyes.

4. Wear Pretty Eye Makeup.

It’s days like these when we really rejoice about the power of makeup! Your makeup kit is something of a lifesaver when you have to show your face to the public after drinking a few too many. Since your eyes tend to look the worse for the wear in these situations, breaking out a gorgeous eye makeup look can be your biggest help to reduce last night’s effects.

Look to pretty cat eye makeup to distract the attention from your puffier under-eye area up to your lids. Keep it simple with a classic black cat eye and use an eye makeup stencil for a no-fuss, quick fix solution requiring much less focus and precision (win!). Afterwards, take the time to fill in and groom your eyebrows. They’ll provide support in bringing everyone’s gazes upwards.

Finish off the look with one or two coats of mascara on curled upper lashes, leaving the lower lashes bare. Curling your lashes before applying mascara will make them look even more opened up.

5. Wake Up Your Skin.

Aside from the eyes, your skin will also look the least its usual beautiful self when you’ve gone a little too far with the alcohol. Freshen it up and add a healthy glow by drinking plenty of water and wearing the right makeup.

Apply your favorite blush on your cheeks and then go over it with your base (be careful not to smudge). Wearing blush beneath the rest of your face makeup gives the appearance that the glow is coming from your skin and not from cosmetics. Blush is also another beauty secret weapon for distracting and deflecting gazes away from your problem areas for the day. Finish the look with well hydrated lips made up in a color similar to their natural hue.

6. Highlight to Balance Darkness and Brighten Up Your Face.

If you love highlighter, you’ll adore it even more after it saves the day with face brightening moves. Put on a little highlighter at the inner corners of your eyes to balance out any remaining darkness in your under-eye area and for a fresher, more alert-looking face. If you apply too much, brush the rest of it across your eyelids for even more of an overall brightening effect.

7. Reach for the Right Liner to Open Up Your Eyes.

Line your bottom lashes with nude eyeliner pencil. It’s super discreet but it will help to make your eyes appear bigger, more open and much more awake.