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8 Makeup Trends You’ll Be Obsessing Over in 2017

2017 is a makeup lover’s dream! There are a lot of trends to go gaga for but we’ve narrowed it down to eight looks we simply can’t stop talking about this year: 

1. Bronzed, Dewy, Fresh Faces

The face for Spring/Summer 2017 features a makeup base that offers a bronzed and dewy complexion that feels entirely fresh and new. It’s glowing, modern and hard to resist so fight the urge to continue it through fall!

This trend works beautifully with smudged liner beneath the eyes, tight lined upper lashes and your favorite mascara.


2. 1980’s Flashback

80’s makeup will probably be your favorite trend to play with this year because it includes the eyes, the lips and the cheeks. Do an overall look for a literal interpretation or save the 1980’s vibe for a key feature like bright punches of blush with lightly lined eyes and a neutral lipstick. You could also try eyes made up in bold Eighties hues with subtler makeup for the rest of your routine.

3. Mermaid Eyes

Mermaid eyes are pretty popular for 2017 and they’re appearing in waves of surreal or subtle colors. You can create a mermaid eyeliner look on the lids alone or make them more pronounced with full-on, shimmery halos of eyeshadows ringing the eyes. Either way, you want to achieve an ethereal and magical feel. To create a beautiful mermaid eyeliner look, check out this eyeliner tutorial below using Eye Candy Adhesive Eyeliner Stencils. 

Here’s a look to try: apply eyeshadow primer then select three pretty pastel eyeshadows that complement each another. Look at your eyelids and picture them as if they’re divided into three vertical sections. Apply one color to the first section, the second to the next and the third to the final section. Blend the colors wherever they meet as well as all around at the edges. Tight line at your upper lashes and swipe a coat of mascara on both your upper and lower lashes.


4. Colorful Cut Crease Eyeshadow

This spring and summer, brighten things up with a canvas of inspiring colors. Swipe on a brightly colored eyeliner and then sweep a lighter, contrasting eyeshadow hue all over your entire lids. The eyeshadow should be swept on in a sort of arc shape over your creases extending just a little above them and going out until they’re parallel to the ends of your eyes.

It’s retro and modern all at once and a good excuse to play with a rainbow-rich palette.


5. 90’s Beauty Returns

1990’s beauty trends have arrived to join your concert tees, chokers, trenches and other retro styling. We especially like the comeback of a 90’s eye makeup winner: matte eye makeup. It’s always attractive and appropriate and you can count on it to do a serious job of highlighting your natural beauty. Add an effortless hairstyle like second day chic Parisian hair for makeup that’s urban, sophisticated, relaxed and cool. Don’t forget to take pictures! You’ll definitely want to reference this styling some day.


6. Rose-Colored World

Richly pigmented rose colored makeup is showing up everywhere. Go for rose colored eye makeup, blush and/or lipsticks for a soft and contemporary beauty that isn’t overly sweet.


7. Mod Eyelashes

2017 is the year for Twiggy-worthy eyelashes inspired by the Swinging Sixties. Achieve your 1960’s eyes with the doll-like effect of brushing out your eyelashes with mascara and swiping little sections together into spikes. If this is too much for you, apply two to three coats of mascara to curled lashes instead. Apply each coat after waiting for the one prior to dry and be gentle with your lashes.

Remember, whatever look you choose, it’s not 60’s if you don’t highlight both the upper and lower lashes!


8. Metallic Eye Makeup

This is a trend from the Oscars red carpet and we know it’s going to last. Makeup artists gave actresses a little metallic makeup to increase their silver screen wattage. There were lots of gorgeously strobed eyes and even smokey eyes achieved with metallic-based palettes, primarily silver or copper tones such as beauty seen on Charlize Theron (silver), Scarlett Johansson (silver) and Halle Berry (copper).

You have lots of free range to do whatever you’d like with the colors. If you think of these three actresses alone, each stunned with completely different looks. For a face that’s current, choose shadows that are just a shade or two darker or lighter than your actual skin color.

And you don’t need to save it for a big event. There are lots of ways to rock metallic eyes by day. If the eyes are sparkly, keep the lips and cheeks pretty subdued so the metals won’t take over the show.

In the spirit of individuality, there are a lot of interesting trends happening in 2017. Try them out and see what works best for your features and style.