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How to Apply Concealer and Disguise Dark Circles

A Daytime concealer trick that's quick with great results. During the day you're subject to harsh sunlight which is not the best lighting for camouflaging flaws, or dark circles, or under-eye bags. The quick fix to making it work is to apply the concealer just below the under-eye "bags" and dark circles instead. By doing this you'll keep the under eye from looking too heavy and the end result will be brighter looking eyes without anyone seeing the actual makeup. So, let's get started.


  • Your Favorite Concealer. We are obsessed with Jane Iredale's Enlighten Concealer and have been for a few months now because it stays put and really covers without looking too heavy.
  • A Dome-shaped Concealer Brush — I love ours since the hairs are short, soft, and dense, and the round head is the perfect shape and size to fit right in the smaller area's around the eye. Plus it presses the product easily into tht skin. Try it: Beth Bender Beauty's Concealer Brush.

Apply a tiny amount of concealer on the back of your hand and tap the brush into it to load it with product.

Starting at the inner corner of your eye, move and stamp the brush in two directions depositing color up along the bridge of your nose on the side in the crevices or dips if you will, a great trick for instantly brightening up your eyes, and around the bottom lid in an arc-shaped semi-circle as seen here.

Lightly blend the color into the skin by tapping the color with your middle or index finger. If your skin tends to be on the oily side, or if you live in a climate where the weather is hot or humid go ahead and set your concealer with powder.