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The 5 Biggest Mistakes You can Make Applying Eyeliner

The 5 Biggest Mistakes You can Make Applying Eyeliner | Beth Bender Beauty

 Most of us love the look of eyeliner and although we certainly have all of the tools and products available to us for creating our perfect eyeliner look, one wrong move can lead to quite a mess and who needs that? But--having an inside scoop to the do's and don't's can make the difference between a not-so-good eyeliner look and a noticeably better eyeliner look. We've compiled a short list so as not to overwhelm you and if your attempts at a cat eyeliner up to this point have been almost-great, now it can be amazing.

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1. The overdone bottom lid

Hmmm. It's a look you see a lot of during fashion week, and here on the streets of Los Angeles, but, a heavy liner on your lower lid — especially with a dark color — can actually make your eyes look smaller, says Makeup Artist, Beth Bender, but if you love it and have to have it, try defining your lower eyelid with a pencil in a lighter shade. A shadow in a light brown or taupe will give you an even more subtle look. 

2. Applying eyeliner unevenly. The result? A jagged line. Yikes

There is nothing more frustrating than having to wipe off your eyeliner on your upper lid with makeup remover hundreds of times before you get it just right. To keep liner straight, try and avoid tugging at the outer corners of your eyes like so many of us do, say Bender. "This can cause the skin to crinkle, and your liner will not be as smooth." Instead, try pointing your chin up and looking down, so that your lids are half-closed but you can still see them and where to apply your liner. If you’re using a gel eyeliner, apply it with a taklon brush for a smoother look. You can also use a light pencil in a grey or taupe to draw in the line and use as a guideline before applying your darker color. This is a great trick and will save you a lot of Q-tips, tissues, and remover.

3. Don't just use black and brown on the rim

 A little beige or nude eyeliner (our favorite for waking up tired eyes) applied to your bottom waterline is a beauty magic trick we love. Just one swipe will make you look more awake and refreshed in seconds. To do, gently pull on your under-eye and trace along the line between your lower lashes and the inside rim. 

4. Know the difference between an eyeliner pencil, gel liner, and liquid

Pencil eyeliners are perfect anytime but especially if you have just a few minutes. They’re the quickest to apply and touch ups are easier too. A good water-resistant liner will prevent smearing but will also set quickly so keep that in mind when choosing an eyeliner. Gel liners will give you a more glamorous look, are water-resistant, and also allow you more control over how thick you want your liner to be. Liquid liners are great but they call for a precisely there look, and you really need a steady hand to get it just right, or a box full of Q-tips and makeup remover standing by:-)

If you’re just beginning to try your hand at eyeliner we recommend starting with a felt tip, or gel eyeliner first instead of a liquid, and then once you feel comfortable, move to a liquid liner. "Liquid liner is a highly pigmented, powerful product that delivers a strong, fluid line," says Bender. It creates definition at the lashline and by controlling the thickness of the line, you can create a range of looks."

5. Don't forget smudge-proofing

Always smart to include this step if you want your liner looking its best. Here’s how to do it: If you're using a pencil, apply your eyeliner first and then go over the line with a matching powder shadow. You can also use an eyeliner sealant mixed with your shadow for even more staying power. For the best results use a synthetic/taklon eyeliner brush to apply your shadow with your sealant.

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