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These 10 Beauty Tips Will Cut Your Morning Makeup Routine in Half!

These 10 Beauty Tips Will Cut Your Morning Makeup Routine in Half! | Beth Bender Beauty

Is it “impossible” for you to get ready in less than an hour? We applaud your desire to look good but it doesn’t require such a huge sacrifice of time. We promise you can look as pretty as ever while cutting down the time needed for your routine. These are 10 reasons why you probably need so much time to get ready as well as 10 ways to nix those culprits for faster and fabulous results.


1. You Aren’t Organized.

Organize your makeup in the order you use the products. Ditto for the brushes. You’ll save a lot of time not digging around for what you need and you’ll be able to put everything away faster later on.

Be sure to also have all of your mistake-removing tools and products readily available – cotton swabs, makeup remover solution, makeup remover wipes, etc.


2. You’re Putting on More Makeup Than You Need.

If you don’t have anything to conceal, why are you wearing concealer? Also, did you know that foundation should only be used on the portions of your face that are in need of coverage? Learn more about the way each product should be used and you can cut out any unnecessary steps you may have been doing all along. You’ll even save money in the process!


3. You’re Not Using the Right Tools.

The right makeup tools will always cut down the amount of time required in the process and offer better-looking results. It sounds like a win-win solution to us.



4. You’re Not Using the Easiest Formulations.

If you’re notorious for spending lots of time on your makeup, you need products that will pack a better punch. For example, cream blush goes on much easier than powder versions. You’ll save time trying to perfect it or using tricks to clean up mistakes. You can also opt for formulas that do double/multiple duty such as stick foundations (they can be used as both foundation and concealer) or super-powered BB creams that take care of a few considerations at once. There are even some products that can be used on your face, lips and eyes… consider those when you’re really strapped for time!


5. You Freehand Draw Your Eyeliner.

Opt for an eyeliner stencil in order to achieve a more accurate application in a fraction of the time. They’re easy to use and they come with detailed instructions so you’ll know exactly what to do to successfully recreate a number of eye makeup looks.


6. You Work on Your Eye Makeup Last.

The eye makeup process almost guarantees you’ll lose some stray product around your face. If you’ve already done the rest of your makeup, this means you’ll need to go back and clean up or fix whatever has been messed up (read: a huge time waster). Always do your eye makeup first for a quick clean up before doing the rest of your face.


7. You Don’t Take Great Care of Yourself.

The better you care for yourself, the less you will have to cover up and correct! Treat yourself like the goddess you are – drink plenty of water, minimize your caffeine intake, get that beauty rest and eat foods that show you love your body and care for your health. We’re so lucky we have ways to enhance our looks, but it’s no excuse to neglect ourselves.


8. You Don’t Have a Plan.

It’s not a fun scene: you’re standing in front of the mirror, the clock is ticking and you’re still trying to decide how to do your face. Next time, melt away stress by picking your outfit, accessories and accompanying makeup look the night before. You’ll be able to shower, get dressed and immediately start your makeup in the morning with no delay.


9. You’re Relying on Too Much Makeup.

You don’t need to wear tons of makeup formulas to make a beautiful impact. You can really simplify your process and make your makeup stand out in a chic way by focusing on playing up a single feature. This can be done in a lot of different ways like wearing a really simple face with the exception of sexily winged eyes or subtle makeup all around except for a prominent matte lip.


10. You’re Exerting Too Much Effort.

You don’t need to have so many steps of makeup application for your everyday routine. It shouldn’t be an attempt to try to look perfect but a way to enhance the features you love most. Reserve the serious makeup for special events and big nights out. When you reserve your best tricks for specific occasions, you’ll look even better because it will be special. If you always have on a high glam, red carpet ready face, you won’t make the same effect of wowing and surprising the crowd and family and friends at special events. Consider it your secret weapon!